Sunday, March 8, 2009

Popularity Test

Are you popular?

I was tired doing researches for my lab reports when i got this i- don't- know-what-am-i-doing idea.

I googled my name.

Only one appear, which on the tenth if i'm not mistaken. It was about Academic Writing examination seating.LOL.

I tried to search my brother's name.Wow! To my surprise there are pages related to him.~~

Then, i tried to type 'orang minyak'. Many describe bout the "evil guy who rapes women"(Nothing to do with me-I'm just petroleum guy).There are nothing bout me on the first three pages. Only about my friendster profile appears on the fourth page.

This site appeared number 4 when i typed "orang minyak blogspot".

LOL!!Try to google your name and look how popular you are.

p/s: I just read the interview bout my brother on malay mail. I dunno when it was posted??

p/p/s:Almost done with my reports.After this need to finish 15 chapters of ITPG.5 Chapters of Vector Calculus. 6 Questions on IMSE Assignment.Haishhh~~

p/p/p/s:Got new printer!Now, i can print those rocky photos.

3 comment(s):

Balqis Riza said...

ade ke google nama sndri...

intan.maisarah said...

~_~ tak de kijo

Nash Nordin said...

Whahah... kalo aku google name sndiri kompem x kan jumpe. kalo try nicknames aku yg blambak tu, ada la bape page?

lol! of coz la kalo taip org minyak tu x kan tros jumpe blog ko.