Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to become a hero

I attended Oil and Gas Symposium last week and a talk by Shell chairman of Malaysia yesterday. I would say, now i got broader view of the industry.

To those petroleum engineers, don't be afraid of not getting any jobs. We still have oil underground there, but those are hard-to-get. Nowadays, there are less matured well and there's no new findings. There's deep oil, stored under ice, unconventional oil etc.

All our ancestors had took it all and left the hardest part to us. We need new technologies in order to meet people's demand in this oil and gas. It is expected that demand for hydrocarbons will be double in 2050. With less oil nowadays,how to reach that target?

Renewable energy such as wind,solar,nuclear,hydroelectric can't take the role of hydrocarbons. Now, they only contribute 2%(for nuclear) or less energy to the world.

People should never waste energy.(Now i know how important this is) Dato' Soh(Shell chairman of Malaysia) said that subsidies energy is not the good way to help the poor. The government should help with other method. It is because, subsidies energy will only cause people to use hydrocarbons as they wish to. People should learn how to appreciate this valuable things.

Since there is a campaign to save energy this 28th, let's show the world that Malaysian are united and concern about the worries of depleting energies. One hour of no energy will be very meaningful to the world.
(Any false information is due to my false.I write based from what i got from the symposium and the talk)


You don't need to have ability to be a hero.

P/s: I think i started to like Petroleum Engineering.
P/p/s: Ada post camni, barula orang minyak kan!?

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