Thursday, October 28, 2010

Travel to the Future

I am not genius but I know how to travel to future.Sometimes, I go to the future and see myself there.What I will become, what I do for my living and so on.

You don't need any device, it is given to each and every one of us.MIND.Project your mind into the future and see yourself there.If what you see is vivid, strong and you believe the person in the future is you, then you will be one.

There are things that we plan sometimes didn't come out as we want.But you see, when you give your best in accomplishing what you want, you will get it.That's what the law of attraction is.Imagine what you always want and sink yourself with it, soon you will see the result that you always imagine.In Islam, this is what we usually perform in our prayer.We say it frequently,daily and we put hope in it with God's will.This is one of the strongest things that Muslims have.

One example, you live in 2010 and what you do is like you live in 2015,you are actually 5 years ahead of others. When others live in 2015, you are already in 2020.This is the machine that we need to travel to the future.

Start to see your future and do it frequently.Make what you see there is what you see now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reservoir Engineering Concept in losing weight

Our body acts like a reservoir. It contains a lot of hydrocarbons; heavy oil (fats).

In order to produce more oil(fats)[get rid of it through our waste system] we need to proceed with injection through injection well(mouth). The convenient way to inject is by using water. Water will displace oil(fats) stored in the pore spaces in our body.There is another injection which is using gas injection(smoking).This method is not recommended as it will affect permeability(blood streams).
[ There is no such thing in reservoir engineering.I just don't want people to start smoke]

Therefore, inject our body more with water to displace oil(fats) in our body.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things are easy

To do things is actually very easy. But the willingness and efforts should come along. You see, if you are hungry, go cook or buy food and eat it ( 2 steps only). If you want money, find a job or sell something to get money.If you are sleepy just find pillow or room and sleep.

Well, you might say the example I gave is not enough.Let's take study as example.Still remember your SPM?Well, basically what we do is study and it involves a lot of practices,answering past year questions,discuss with friends from another school,attending tuition and so on. Even if we did all these things, we still fear of not scoring A's in the exam.The truth is,if hundreds of thousands of students can score straight A's, why you can't? (considering you did your very best)

Same goes in losing weight for example.If you don't know how, just google it.I bet lot of tips will be talking about the same thing. Proper meals, enough nutrition, exercises, drink a lot of water and so on.Well, same as SPM, if we do all these thing,how come the result will be different? If you have fear of it,think about hundreds of thousands of people who successfully lose their weight using the same tips.

You see, things are easy actually. The logic is there. You want to know what make simple thing very difficult?What make it very difficult is when we think with our heart(emotion). Simple thing like writing a report become very hard when we think of many pages to write,graphs to interpret, the discussion and so on. It implies in all what we want to do.

Well,I think the actual word is not emotion, but negativity.Emotion is good to motivate us.

Motivation is the fuel,Efforts is the tires,willingness is the engines and we are the driver. A car won't work if there's no fuel, no tires to move it, no engines to drive it. However, the most important is the driver because he is the one who can fuel the car, assemble the engine and put in the tires. One more thing, have a specific goal(destination). You don't want to drive your car and end up at the same spot you were before.

You are the driver of your life!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Dewasa kini, umum mengetahui mengenai sebuah universiti yang kini hangat dibincangkan di dada akhbar. Siapa yang tidak tahu mengenai sebuah universiti yang dilabel penipu dan juga dikatakan pilihanrayanya lesu ibarat hidup segan mati tak mahu?

Isu #1
Utusan Malaysia yang kehabisan berita(agaknya) mengeluarkan suatu berita yang melabel pelajar2 UTP penipu.Ia adalah disebabkan pelajar2 menipu(bijak la jugak dapat tipu akhbar tempatan) ruangan salam perantauan di mana pelajar2 tahun akhir mengambil gambar dan claim mereka sebagai pelajar daripada universiti dekat Toronto (Tronoh)

Isunya, penulis itu melabel penyalahgunaan teknologi yang dilakukan oleh pelajar masa kini terhadap ruang salam perantauan.Pelajar2 ini dikatakan nakal kerana mengenakan pihak editorial Utusan Malaysia.Tapi, selayaknya mereka lebih arif mengenai mencari sumber2 yang sahih.Apakah selama ini isu yang disiarkan di akhbar tidak pernah di-verify kesahihannya?Mereka kan dah pro dalam mende ni,tak kan salam perantauan boleh kene tipu kot.

Secara jujurnya,dulu masa zaman foundation ada gak terfikir nak wat camtu sebab UTP ni memang cantik macam dekat universiti luar negara.Tapi saya dah matang.

Isu #2
Seorang pelajar UTP menulis di ruang surat pembaca mengenai isu pilihanraya di UTP yang lesu dan tidak menarik.Ya, boleh diakui memang pilihanraya kali ni lagi lesu daripada tahun sebelumnya.Saya langsung tak turun mengundi.

Hari tu ada la bincang sikit dengan kawan pasal calon2 pilihanraya ni.Dia cakap dia tertarik dengan 2 calon sahaja.Malangnya dia tidak mengundi, sebab dia nak undi 2 orang je.Sistem undian mengatakan kalau tidak pilih 5 maka undi itu rosak.Macam tahun lepas, saya nak undi sorang je, tapi terpaksa tick 4 yang lain sebab tak nak undi tu rosak.Maka, 4 calon yang saya rasa tidak layak terima vote saya dapat percuma undi tu.Dorang menang free plak tu.Calon saya nak tu kalah.Memang konsiparasi betol pilihanraya UTP nih.

Pada hemat saya, sistem undian perlulah diubah.Satu orang satu vote.Barulahh betol2 mencabar.Kalau tak nanti semua orang menang free.Senang la bagi satu badan aktiviti pelajar UTP tuuu,die taruk 5 calon, at least pasti ada yang menang.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dunia Akhir Zaman

Bagi sesapa yang ada facebook, mungkin dah pernah tengok video ni sebab ramai kott orang share link. As for me, oleh kerana internet UTP sedut2 macam siput maka takleh tengok directly dari facebook, so kene search kat youtube.

After dah tengok habis video niii, memang mengakui bahawa syaitan tuu memang licik habis. Yelaa, diorang kan dah hidup beribu ratus tahun. Of course lah tactical play diorang laen dalam menyesatkan umat manusia nihh. Lebih2 lagi dah masuk akhir zaman. Memang kaw2 penipuan dorang buat.

Nak citer panjang cam tak best lahh kan. So bagi sesapa yang belom pernah tengok, tengok lahhh ye. Ternyata musuh nyata bukanlah sesama manusia, tapi dengan syaitan dan pengikut2nya.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Economics Transformation Plan

Few weeks ago, i attended Economic Transformation Plan(ETP) Open Day. I was not aware of this until my friend invite me to join. She was also invited by another friend.

There were five of us, and I didn't really sure what was it all about the day before. I thought it was cool to join such thing (Dude who involve in economy is cool right?Don't tell me you don't fall for him) However, I think I was the lamest guy among the others (People who attended the Open Day were most from the private sector or the government). Even, the youths also were actively involved in cool project. There was one guy who is president of something, one guy who is national debater, one girl who is president of a club in UTM and more cool people.

That day, I listened to National Economic Plan by Datuk Seri Idris Jala. He is a cool guy. Now I know why he is so influential. He can talk like Steve Job on stage (I think so. I haven't listen to Steve Job live before this) After he talked about the ETP, there was a discussion among the top guys in the industry. I can't remember well their names, but there were Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes (Air Asia), the malay guy from CELCOM, and three other guy. (Sorry Datuks for not remembering your names!)

What I remember most was ETP is not just a plan, its a programme. Datuk Seri Idris Jala kept repeating that to highlight that ETP is not just a nonsense talk but it is doable to ensure Malaysia reach its 'modern country' status by 2020. There are 12 National Key Economics Areas(NKEA) such as Oil and Energy, Greater KL, Electrics & Electronics, Tourism, Education and more. These area would be develop to contribute towards national economy. These area is studied by LAB (several people from industry is called by government to study bout this)

Even though I was the lamest guy and didn't know most of the things, I found it was very interesting to know about national economics plan.( This is not a joke) Someday later, I hope I can attend program like this to expose myself more.

That very day, I was wondering, if there is a great plan for our economy, is there any plan to develop our national social behavior? This problem is even worse than our economy.

BTW, supposedly, there would be a follow up programme for youth to express their ideas about ETP to ensure our voice is heard by the government. I don't know when would it be.

p/s: This is my attempt to be a cool guy.