Friday, December 24, 2010

Facts about Miri

   1. Road

Usually in the morning, you will trapped in the traffic jammed.Not because of abundance of car on the road like in KL,but because of the one lane road. For those who want to make a turn, there is no extra lane provided.What happen is,you need to wait patiently. The roads are bumpy;so you are advised to buy a car that has good suspension. There is another thing, the road is not fine; it got many holes. The results,you will get frustrated when your newly washed car accidentally hit the hole with water.

    2. The People

The population of the chinese and/or borneo people are more than malay.So usually you would have a hard time to find a halal restaurant/stall and mosque. On the road, they drive very slow and most of the time the rightest lane occupied by those who drive slow.I would define slow as; 40km/h on the straight road.You will get even more irritated when it is one lane road only.But you are advised not to horn them because based on my seniors;they said they would pick out parang and chase you.Might be a make-up story. 


At first, i thought the food and other things are cheap in here but I was wrong.People said it is because of the Brunei-an who travel to Miri to shop.A plate of rice and another 2 lauk with drinks normally cost around Rm-7-8.A cup of teh tarik cost Rm2.Oh yeah,there is always different price for peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak.You can see on the newspaper for example. Price in peninsular cost about Rm.1.50 and around Rm1.70 in Sabah/Sarawak.It implies to the Mcdonald /KFC restaurants too. Additional ringgit for a snack plate or prosperity burger

  4. Food

You can hardly find spicy food.Even if you order Nasi Goreng cili padi you only taste the normal Nasi Goreng. There was one time, i ordered Nasi Goreng Tom Yam; but it didn't taste like Tom Yam at all.What I tasted was salty Nasi Goreng.In Miri,you would hardly find a Mamak restaurant. There was a day ,one of my friend ordered a Rojak Mamak.Pity him because it tasted like Rojak Susu,a sweet Rojak that taste really like a Susu. The Teh Tarik really tawar even if the color look alike in the peninsular.Another thing, if you asked for Roti, don't be surprised if they give you biscuit.(Roti means biscuit in Sarawak) There is another interesting fact;you wouldn't find Gardenia or High-5 bread in here.The state government encourage local bread producer in Miri.

Until next time, I want to cook myself a plate of fries, sausages, nuggets for my lunch.It is better to cook yourself because you would not criticize your own cooked meal.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ugly people

Human is ugly indeed.They are selfish and never consider others.They only want things for their own benefit even if it jeopardize others. One thing is,they feel good of themselves and they are saint. They never feel bad about themselves but to people they deserve no respect.

If you want something, try give something to others.Even if you can't help others, try to help yourself not to burden people around you.

A deep feeling that i don't even know how to describe

Saturday, December 18, 2010

1st day kerja

Everything has its first time.And biasanya first time ni la kita excited sangat2 because of something new kan.And kat miri ni, kitorang hanya ada 1 kereta untuk memuatkan 7orang penumpang untuk ke 2 tempat berlainan.So, apa kitorang buat adalah kuar awal dari rumah ke tempat kerja. Senior ada cakap jugak yang Miri ni boleh tahan jugak jammed die kalau pagi2 tu.So kitorang memang decide kuar awal pagi la.

1st day
Bangun seawal 430 pagi(bersamaan 530 di KL yee masa die).Bilik air ada 2,nak mandi 7orang.So agak lama la di situ nak siap2 sume.530 pagi sume da siap2 and kitorang buat 1st trip.Pegi 15min,balik 15min.1st trip tu untuk hantar 2 budak Shell, so the remaining in 2nd trip 5 orang la.So budak2 Petronas sampai ofis pukul 620(masuk keje pkul 730,bersamaan 830 kt KL la yee).So apa kitorang buat adalah jalan2 la dulu kat ofis tu,biasakan diri.Memang tak ramai orang la time tu.Yang ada pon polis bantuan yang dok dekat tempat receptionist.Then, kitorang decide pegi brekfes dulu.

Tepat pukul 730 kitorang da terpacak depat meja cik Zairunnisa(person in charge of new interns la).So that morning trus ada briefing about the company,amik details interns,and ada cite pasal cara pemakaian la.Around 10 macam tu setiap sorang dah kene assign pegi department masing2.Mostly setiap sorang department lain2.So time tu memang sorang2 la kat situ.

So the first person i was introduced to in the BPD-N(Production Department-Northern Cluster)  was Kak Rathnawaty who is the secretary of the department.Then, i was introduced to other trainees from other schools. May from Curtin Uni and Cathy from Poli-Kuching.Later that day, I met with my Supervisor(SV),Mr, Ravi Kanth who is the Senior Field Engineers.Basically,senior field engineers has  a lot of experiences about the field and he is an expert from India.I am lucky to have him as my SV, but he is always busy with works.No guidance from him.He just said,do your plan about what you want to achieve in here.How am I suppose to do if I don't know anything.So tu jelaa about the department.So to kill time sampai pukul 430(waktu abis keje) ade la kerja2 sampingan yang diberi iaitu menghias Board sempena pertandingan menghias board antara department.Haha.Dah la Art Skill memang xberbakat disuruhnya wat mende tu.Memang buat jela walaupon takda skill.

So that's basically about the first day.The routine daily work at the moment is to update Visual Management Board early in the morning before Video Conference started.Yang lain tu memang takda keje and baca Operation Manual(OPM),Process and Instrument Diagram(P&ID),Process Flow dan sebagainya. And now, tengah buat research on case study throughout the internship.Lucky for us in Sarawak, we have a field trip to onshore facilities(offshore xboleh sebab insurance mahal and kene attend intensive training).Next week boleh tengok how well intervention been done.Pastu yang best dekat sini boleh pergi Crude Oil Terminal(Yang bulat2 besar tu).

Owh about my case study,i'm looking forward to do about Electrical Submersible Pump(ESP).I'm shocked to know that Sarawak has the first ESP in Malaysia and the only field to have it.So, it might be an advantage to me :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First day in MIRI

Flight MH2592 to MIRI at 830 a.m made me woke up early in the morning;i need to be at KLIA around 730 a.m to check-in. So the journey began after subuh prayer(thanks Iman for sending me there) and i met my other fellow friends; Daus and Ben. The flight took around 2 hours and 15minutes which we arrived at MIRI airport at 1045. Our seniors (Zaki and Zakuan) fetched us at the airport and we went tour around SKO office and arrived at our house. It is quite spacious to feed 7 of us with 3bedrooms,2toilets,fridge,stove,dining table,set of sofas and big compound. The drawback is,we are provided with only one standing fan. There is no ceiling fan at all.

After settled down our stuffs, we went to nearby super/hyper market(it is called eMart) to buy house needs.We bought wardrobe,pillows,beds,pail and so on. Then, we had our lunch at SCR(local restaurant above the eMart).Most of the evening we spend in the house to pack down our stuffs,rest and so on.

There was one incident happen that night.Since we were given only one copy of keys by the houseowner, we duplicate to make it three sets. One of our friends stayed at his aunt's house that night.So we decided to give him a set of keys in case he need to return home when we were not around(we went to dinner at Restoran Muara).Unfortunately, we didn't realize that we gave him the original copy.So what happen was, when we return home that night, we tried all 3 sets of keys to open the doors. None of it worked. Therefore, we stayed at our seniors' house for the night.

p/s:There are many things to tell about my experience here.But I will tell later.
p/p/s: Is enjoying Internet like Ive never seen it before

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick Updates

I finished my last paper about an hour ago.Which means my 3rd year 1st semester is officially over.Since UTP has changed its system,I will still have another semester in 3rd year.

This time, i go back home in train.My stuffs already sent home last Saturday.But, there are still many stuffs here.Sigh.This semester, i send my scooter back home since I'm not going to UTP for around 10months.

Internship just around the corner.Next Monday I would report in as an intern in PCSB SKO in Miri.Still need a lot of things to do.Need to prepare my self.

C ya guys!