Friday, July 25, 2008

Ayat-ayat cinta


I've watched the movie yesterday,which i downloaded it from DC++(still have many movies that i haven't watch it yet...LOL).It was a good movie,but i would like to share a scene that i'm interested in most.

It is when Fahri was accused to rape someone and he was sentenced in jail.There,he yelled and screaming,pleaded not guilty and asked for his freedom. But,there was a man who asked him to be patient.He told him that Allah was trying to tell him something.He told Fahri the story of prophet Yusuf.

Prophet Yusuf said;
"Ya Allah,sekiranya kehidupan di penjara adalah lebih baik daripada kehidupan di luar,aku lebih rela berada di sini tetapi dekat dengan Engkau daripada hidup di luar bersama manusia pendusta".

Allah has said in Quran(al-Baqarah,2:216)
"Diwajibkan atas kamu berperang,padahal itu tidak menyenangkan bagimu.Tetapi boleh menjadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu,padahal itu baik bagimu,dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu,padahal itu tidak baik bagimu.Allah Maha Mengetahui,sedang kamu tidak mengetahui".

Saturday, July 19, 2008's all over.


I have had a great semester break from the first of June till 20th of July 2008...lots of things happen and i really enjoy it.Well,you know,living in UTP(i suppose,not only UTP) is tough with lots of assignments,tutorials,activities,etc...So,i really grab this opportunity to enjoy myself.Here are some things that i manage to remember during my semester break:

-There was a change of plan when i suppose to go back home.My dad called me that friday morning and he told me that he would pick me up after friday prayer which i was first told that i would be back home on sunday.He had planned it actually,to surprise my mom.My mom didn't ever recognize me at first as i wore cap that time and Atuk Jemah thought that i was Intan's boyfriend.LOL.

-During this semester break,i had to work my butt to carry all things as we removed back to our old 'new' house.(after renovation).The house is magnificient.If you compare the previous and the present,you will think,what magic have been done here.I have my own bed at last.LOL!!

-I remember that my brother had to pay 200 ringgit(if im not mistaken) when he reversed mom's car without closing the back door.Then, i had to hold the door all the time when my brother drove the car to a workshop in Shah Alam.Most of passer-by look at us.(especially me,who hold the door).

-A week before STE,i went out for three times in a row.Tuesday with my friend and we watched "Kung Fu Panda".Wednesday with my sister,we watched 'Apa Kata Hati'.I was really frustated with the person behind me.They all laugh like hell.Thursday with my MJSC PS friend,i forgot what we watched that time.

-I celebrated my 18th birthday in a jungle(hulu langat) when i had to attend STE program,compulsory for all Petronas scholars.The night before,we dine at Pizza Hut with Izaan(he stay a night with us).I got a new camera for my birthday present.Thanks to those who gave it.

-Izaan and me managed to watch 'Superhero Movies' before we went to KLCC to gather before departed to Agrotek resort.I had a great time in STE.Many things i had learnt there like TWB diamond.And i have learnt the importance of saving money(which i seldom save before).I met with lots of new friends and in a week,i managed to learn from others.

-I take all chances to drive mom's car.I have drove to Ikea(farthest,so far) and OU.Urm,but there was a day when the car suddenly turn dead which i did(something's wrong with the car after service-excuse) for about 5 times.LOL!!

-Two days after STE(23 rd of June),i went to MJSC PS to take my SPM result slip.There,i managed to meet Cikgu Amal(my BM teacher) who had helped a lot during my SPM time.She managed to remember my name.(that was great).When we reached there,it was already noon,so,there are only a few teachers i managed to meet.

-The night after,the four of us(me,fariq,akram and afandi,a.k.a saoxy) stay overnight at Damansara.(which i told my parents that i slept at my friend's house in Shah Alam-gomenasai).We only managed to play a game of pool as the outlet was about to close it's operation.Then,we lepaking at a mamak restaurant as we had nothing to do but to eat.After about an hour,after chit-chatting,we wandered around like stray dogs,homeless guys(which didn't plan at first).We slept at in front of Alfa Romeo's showroom and at the bus stop.LOL!!We had a breakfast at McDonald's before we went to our own house.(damn expensive).

-During my semester break,i went to KLIA to say goodbye to Azhar as he would further his study in Russia in engineering.That time,i wish i could study overseas too.That night,i stayed in Aizat's house in Shah Alam.We slept at 3 after two great movies.

-A week before i went to Sg.Wang with Izwan to shopping.I bought shoe,shirt,bag(for my bro) and a jean.LOL.For the first time,i spent like almost 200ringgit which i RAREly do in my entire life.It was great.

-My sister thought that i have a secret affair with Balqis which i don't.We are only FRIEND.Not more than that.Hurm,she was on her holiday too,which she seldom come back because she studies in Indonesia.We kinda met a lot(not two of us only-with the precense of others too).She sad because her youngest sister,a year old(if im not mistaken-bal,sorry kalo salah) cries whenever she want to cuddle her.Her sister doesn't know that Balqis is her sister.LOL.

-I managed to get an external hardisk at last!!Now,i can download many movies.LOL

-On my last day of holiday,we(mom,intan,irine and me) watched 'the journey to the center of the earth'.They enjoyed the movie a lot.We went shopping like i-dont-know-how-to-describe.The night,we ate at Pak Li's kopitiam.I enjoyed the food,but the drink was really sweet.LOL.

The time is 12:59 a.m,20th of July already.So, i think,i better stop here as i have to wake up early tomorrow.UTP,here i come!!

p/s:I am in a good spirit to turn over a new leaf

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A story

Assalamualaikum..greetings to all readers.

This post will be quite different to any other previous posts.It will be a short story of mine.Characters in this story would not be related to anyone and it is just a fiction.

Leonard was born in a rich family.His father was a leader of well-known mafia in the country and his mother had died given born to him.He was trained to be a good fighter so he that he would inherit his father's position in the future.He was trained to not have any mercy to anyone.His father once said to him"To be a good leader,you should lead with an iron fist,so people will fear and follow you.Do not let hesitation clouds your mind when you should kill your enemy in a single shot.It is a matter of life and death".So,he grew up as what his father had planned;created.

Years past and Rusell was not able to lead the mafia group as he grew older and so,he gave the position of his to Leonard.His followers respect Rusell and giving the throne to Leonard was a wise decision.Five years of Leonard's leadership had made the mafia group, 'XeroX' more powerful and their 'area' had expanded wider.People 'love' him so much.

So much crimes had trouble the citizen of The Ring.The police had to work hard in order to stop Leonard but nothing can stop XeroX so far.All had lost their hope but not to Dash.He was determined that he can stop Leonard in whatever way it takes.The police enforcement had closed the case of Leonard as no evidence can proof his guilty.Soon,Dash decided to work on his own,tracking this so called invisible Leonard.

Dash works paid off when he managed to track where Leonard lives.So,Dash housebreak Leonard's house carefully not to alert the alarm.He waited in Leonard's room.

Fatigue and exhausted,Leonard didn't notice any signs of intruder at all.With all the pains on his body after a great fight,he didn't think anything but to fall asleep.As soon as he stepped into his room,a gun was pointed onto his head."Don't make a silly move" Dash said to Leonard.

"Please,sit down." Leonard was confused with Dash as he thought he would probably be dead by now.

"I am here not to kill you.But to reveal you something that you might not know ever in your entire life."

"Huh?" Leonard was still confused.

"I am Dash,from The Ring police department".Dash introduced himself.

"Do i ever asked you?"Leonard chuckled but stop immediately when the gun was pointed to his right eye.

"Do you ever think,why did your mom died?Let me guess,your father should have created a story for you to believe in right?.What did he said to you,about your mother?"Dash asked.

"Uh..I was told that my mom died,given born to me.That's all.I only have a picture of my mom.She's pretty".

"She died because of that?And you believe it?"

"Yeah.Why should i not?I believe in my father.He is the only one that I know,that i can really trust in"Leonard answered,calmly.He was no longer confused nor felt the pain on his body.

"That's the main point.You think you can trust the people you know and somehow you just accept whatever they told you about?You should seek the truth for yourself!" Dash somehow yelled a bit.Dash sighed,to control his anger.

"Before that,have you ever think why did you kill people for no reasons?.And you know that what you do is not the right thing to do?".Dash added.

"Yeah.But,who cares.This is what i do in my entire life.I am loved by my followers,and people afraid of me." Leonard answered with pride.

"Your father did think over it.Rusell was ordered to kill his wife soon after you are born because she hate what Rusell did and always tried to stop him yet she love him .He love Daisy so much that he couldn't pull the trigger.And that's when your grandfather scold him for his hesitation.Rusell was trained to hate people just like you,just pull the trigger and it's all done.Simple."Dash explained everything that he knows.

"Why should i belive this nonesense that you are telling me?That's not my dad.I know him better"

"You want proof?Here!Read all of these things.I know it's hard for your to believe such stranger like me.But, when the truth is there,why don't you think over it?"Dash asked.

Leonard took the papers on the desk,he looked into everything and he knew that he couldn't believe his eyes.It were all the information that Dash had gathered about Leonard.

Sun Tzu once said-to defeat your enemy,you should know who your enemy is

"What do you want me to do?"asked Leonard.

"Leave the group.It's not your real life.You deserved a better future"

Leonard kept silence for a moment,setting all jigsaw pieces of his life into a picture. But he couldn't start at all.

"Here's the thing.To make things simple. If you are to pull a trigger to a person that you really love,what will you do?'Loved' by your followers that you didn't ever care at all of your 'brave act',or to be loved by the only one that love you so much that you have to kill ?"Think about it Leonard.

p/s:Thanks for those who read this not so good story."Merepek",that's the good word for this post.Yea??

Friday, July 4, 2008

Reality TV


I'm really disappointed with our television station which they all race in serving our young generation with lots of useless entertainment.Yes,we enjoy the programs, but do we really benefit from it? We will only stick in front of the television,forgetting our compulsory responsible towards Allah. Don't you think it would be better if program that require us to remember songs lyrics is changed to program that require us to remember all surah in Al-Quran. Or at least,do programs that require knowledge usage such as 'who wants to be a millionaire' or 'are you smarter than a fifth grader'. Nowadays,entertainment is seen as heaven to all of us.I'm really disappointed to see young kids is nurtured with lots of entertainment that they all racing with each other to be an artist,or in another word,to be popular. In addition,their parents didn't even care with their childs attire.To them,to be an artist,you should wear like them. Our young generation is in dire need to be educated with Islamic teachings.It kept deteriorating year after year.

I'm really grateful to find out that our neighbour country has done a good job in educating their young generation,through reality TV programs. It is called PILDACIL which stands for pemilihan Daie cilik. I'm really suprised to see such small kids can even do better than me to deliver religious speech.Wonderful!!I'm relieved to find out that there are still people who willing to do such program.I hope more programs like that can be done in our country.

"Dan Kami telah menurunkan kitab(al-Quran) kepadamu(Muhammad) dengan membawa kebenaran,yang membenarkan kitab-kitab yang diturunkan sebelumnya dan menjaganya,maka putuskanlah perkara mereka menurut apa yang diturunkan Allah dan janganlah engkau mengikuti keinginan mereka dengan meninggalkan kebenaran yang telah datang kepadamu.Untuk setiap umat kepada kamu,Kami berikan aturan dan jalan yang terang.Kalau Allah menghendaki,nescaya kamu dijadikanNya satu umat(saja) tetapi Allah hendak menguji kamu terhadap karunia yang telah diberikan-Nya kepadamu,maka berlomba-lombalah berbuat kebajikan.Hanya kepada Allah kamu semua kembali,lalu diberitahukan-Nya kepadamu terhadap apa yang dahulu kamu perselisihkan"(5:48)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why women need to do more than men


I've read about an issue raised by SIS days before(maybe a week ago),that they are not satisfied with a restriction by Kelantan government that they(women) are prohibit to use lipstick and high heels which might attract Men's nafs.They argued that why should men never been told to control their intention towards women.They blame Men.

Allow me to highlight what Allah has said in the Holy Quran
"Katakanlah kepada laki-laki yang beriman,agar mereka menjaga pandagannya,dan memelihara kemaluaannya,yang demikian itu lebih suci bagi mereka.Sungguh Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang mereka perbuat"(24:31)

"Dan katakanlah kepada para perempuan yang beriman agar mereka menjaga pandangannya dan memelihara kemaluannya dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasannya(auratnya),kecuali yang(biasa)terlihat.Dan hendaklah mereka menutupkan kain kerudung ke dadanya,dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasannya(auratnya) kecuali kepada suami mereka,atau ayah mereka,atau ayah suami mereka,atau putra-putra mereka,atau putra-putra suami mereka,atau saudara-saudara lelaki mereka,atau putra-putra saudara lelaki mereka,atau putra-putra saudara perempuan mereka,atau para perempuan(sesama Islam)mereka,atau hamba sahaya yang mereka miliki,atau pelayan laki-laki(tua) yang tidak mempunyai keinginan (terhadap perempuan),atau anak-anak yang belum mengerti tentang aurat perempuan.Dan janganlah mereka menghentakkan kakinya agar diketahui perhiasan yang mereka sembunyikan.Dan bertobatlah kamu semua kepada Allah,wahai orang-orang yang beriman,agar kamu beruntung"(24:32)

Look how Allah emphasis more to women than men.Look how detail Allah has told women about their aurat.Yes,men should cover their sight too(as claimed by SIS) but not to forget that women should cover their aurat properly.

Allah has said in Sura Al-An'am to show how detail Allah’s revelations towards mankind.

"Dan demikianlah Kami terangkan ayat-ayat Al-Quran(agar terlihat jelas jalan orang-orang yang saleh) dan agar terlihat jelas(pula)jalan orang-orang yang berdosa"(6:55)

There is a reason why men always attracted to women other than anything else.Allah has said it in sura Al-imran.He mentioned women first and then follow by others. It is also proven by survey that men always think about women.

“Dijadikan terasa indah dalam pandangan manusia cinta terhadap apa yang diinginkan,berupa perempuan-perempuan,anak-anak,harta benda yang bertumpuk dalam bentuk emas dan perak,kuda pilihan,hewan ternakan dan sawah ladang.Itulah kesenangan hidup di dunia dan di sisi Allah-lah tempat kembali yang baik”(3:14)

Allah really know about humankind that He manage to explain completely and detail.Afterall,we are His creature isn’t it. We should use all of our senses to explore what Allah has revealed to us,not to misuse it. Like in surah al-a’raf

“Dan sungguh,akan kami isi neraka jahanam banyak dari kalangan jin dan manusia.Mereka memiliki hati,tetapi tidak dipergunakannya untuk memahami(ayat-ayat Allah) dan mereka memiliki mata(tetapi) tidak dipergunakannya untuk melihat(tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah),dan mereka mempunyai telinga(tetapi) tidak dipergunakannya untuk mendengarkan(ayat-ayat Allah).Mereka seperti haiwan ternak,bahkan lebih sesat lagi.Mereka itulah orang-orang yang lengah”(7:179)

We wouldn’t want to be worse than animal right? Think again.

p/s:This post isn’t pointed to anyone. It is just for us to think back and check ourselves.