Tuesday, March 17, 2009

heavy rain=heavy weight?

Lately,there is always raining at evening at Tronoh.

Raining+busy weeks(last 2 weeks)=weight gain.

Hell yeah!I am now 1.8kg heavier than before. Haishhh..betta find ways to maintain my ideal weight body.(Based on BMI)

It's easy to gain weight but hard to lose it.(~.~)

Now many mosquitoes has breed due to rainy days. Not so convenient to study IMS at night
( Alasan).

p/s:My weight should be kept secret from public to know.

4 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

patot r ko nmpak cm makin sehat eh skang?
hahaha :P

Nash Nordin said...

Aku suke ko gemok...
Welcome to the club ma bro!

orang minyak said...

Wlaopon naek 1.8kg,ak ttp maintain bntuk badan.ha3.

Balqis Riza said...

sj je ko bg aku sedeh kannnnn..