Friday, March 26, 2010

Thinking and Reasoning Impossible Things

Have you watch "Alice in the Wonderland"?Well, I recommend you to watch it. It is interesting to see things you wouldn't believe in Wonderland such as woman with big head, two fat boys who are seriously funny(Tweedledee/Tweedledum), not to mention an adventurous journey that Alice had to go through.

What interest me most is the values in the story.We can do impossible things if we believe it is possible.

It is interesting that Alice was trained by her father to think of six impossible things every morning. I remember when i was a little kid, I always think something ridiculous such as I can fly if I know how to project my 'Qi Gong' to my foots (DragonBall influence), I can do sword fighting techniques that can kill many people in one time if only I learn Shaolin KungFu and much more.I believe all of us our own 'ridiculous things' in our past times.

Well,that's the difference between a child thinking and adult thinking.When we are a little kid, we tend to think many things and our learning drive and curiosity are at its peak. As we grow older, that enthusiasm faded with our age. Long ago,people who said they can fly were considered crazy but time proves everything. Now, big airplane such as AirBus are made possible.

Even now, big corporate companies look at child's imagination as an asset because the 'impossible thing' is very valuable. The 'impossible' can profit big company a lot of money. Even Oil and Gas companies now hiring people who are willing to work in harsh environment such as deep sea environment which was impossible long time ago.

I remember my father teach me to reasoning things. For instance, when we look a guy jog in the morning, my father would ask me, 'Why he jog that time?', 'Why he wear that shirt?',' What he do for his job that he had time to jog?' and much more.I had hard time to think because every morning he would ask the same question and I had to answer it differently.I had to answer anything even if it sounds really ridiculous.That time, I was like 'What's the point of all this?'.

Now i really treasure that moment.I wish I was trained even early because my brain don't work that ridiculous now.

"You are off your head,crazy.But let me tell you a secret.All successful people are."-Alice's father.

"Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?"-Mad Hatter.

"I'm sorry I lost my attention.I was thinking people can fly"-Alice

-The dialog is not as exact as said by the characters. It was something like that as I remember.(^^)V

p/s:Don't let time erode your brain.Start to train your brain NOW!

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