Saturday, April 3, 2010

Children Provision Charity 2010-Motorola night

Last night, I went to Chancellor Complex for Children Provision (ChildPro) night since I got a free ticket under UTP Research Paper Contest (UPRC) 2010.

The night was to celebrate and show our support for those children in need with the ticket price only rm5 goes to the children homes. I believe those who came feel their needs of love and support from each of us since they got no one to depend on but from kind-hearted people.

There's one moment that touch our heart when there's a session with Mr Mohd Ridzuan Mohd Yusof and her wife Ms Suriani Sumardi, parents of Mohd Iman Akhbar who suffers hydrocephalus, where the brain contain fluid since he was one month old. I am very proud of them because they show infinite love for a very poor child who loss 70% of movement body. They love Mohd Iman like other childs they have. What touched me the most was when Mr Ridzuan said that sometimes he had to ride motorcycle just to bring Mohd Iman to Hospital Pulau Pinang for weekly treatment since total travelling cost by car can reach rm150 per trip. Why don't people who throw babies be more grateful that their babies are born healthy? Mr Ridzuan and Ms Suriani deserve better than those who are ungrateful.

There were also performance by disabled people.One was a wheel-chaired woman with a paralyzed left hand played three beautiful songs with her harmonica. Second was a group performance with three wheel-chaired people and five others who dance happily. It might not be the best dance you ever seen but it might be the best smile you ever seen. I was smiling to see that they dance happily on the stage because the smile was pure with excitement. They do performance not because they were "used", but I believe they want people to look at them, their talent and strength instead of their disability. They want people to see them and be supportive to them.They really need us.

There was also charity raising where we can buy wishing balloon, where the children in need wrote their wishes for just Rm2.There was one girl who wish to further her study in UTP one day and there was one boy who want to be a chef in future. The money was donated to the children homes as well as to fund treatment for adik Iman Akhbar.

The magic show, singing by Liyana Fizi(Estrella), Vick(Malaysian Idol) and Daniel(Malaysian Idol 2) made the night more memorable.

I learned that we can learn more when we look at others.Sometimes we forgot what we have and focus too much on what we do not have. I wish I joined ChildPro before this because I want to spend my time helping the children. Please give our hand to those in need.

p/s: I wonder what greatness had my parents done to raise their four children especially me who sometimes brought disappointment to them. What ever happen, I will always love them =)

p/p/s: Visit this link for more information about ChildPro 2010.

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eyman hykal said...

Komenmu membayangkan hatimu yang hidup. Bersyukurlah pada Yang memilikinya. Amin.