Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hectice Week

Hello Readers!

Just to update what had I gone through this past two weeks.I know I write like once a month but now it's not the laziness problem, it's the busyness that keep me away.LOL

21st February-24th February 2010
IRC Carnival 2010.It was wonderful and it was its first appearance in UTP.So,it was like we were the pioneer of that event.The event was aimed to promote our unique Information Resource Centre(IRC) to the students as well as to the public.There was IT Fair and Book Fair, talks by public figure such as Dato Dr Sheikh Muzaphar,movie premiere 'Evolusi KL Drift 2', and some workshops.It was great four days!

25th February 2010 (830pm-11pm)
We(Irshad,Haris Hamzah and me) entered HSE Pop Quiz.Our intention was nothing but to get additional 2% coursewok mark for our HSE subject.However, we managed through to the final round and won ourselves third place.We enter without preparation but we won.Lucky Us.

27th February-28th February 2010
Hazard Hunt.This time, our(Akhmal,Shahrul and me) intention was not just to get the additional 2% but to win the game.Since we won third place last year, this time we aim to get the first place.Rm300+hamper+certificate.This time, the clues were tougher and we dried our energy running around UTP.Unfortunately, we only got 6th place.Poor us.

1st March-4th March 2010
Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering Week(GPEW) 2010.It was fun to be in logistics because I have a coolest Head of Department ever and committees.However, I got two test on 1st of March which were Well Logging and Formation Evaluation and Mandarin.Since I got only little time to study,I tried my best and fortunately, it were okayy for me to answer.No tough questions.Lucky me.Back to the GPEW,I had a free lunch and dinner.YUMMY!!I enjoyed the talks by Sapura Crest,Weatherford and Scomi because I know better the future prospect of potential job that I like.I'm gonna miss GPEW.

5th March 2010
Usually, I'm free every friday, but there was replacement class for Professional Communication Skill(PCS).So the day was fully spent to prepare for my technical presentation.I chose 'The Art of Dealing with People' since I had experience in IRCC 2010 in sponsorship department(we were required to state our credibility to present the topic).After all the last minute preparation,I managed to present it well(I guess).Enough about that the PCS.That night,I reward myself over the hectic week by enjoying delicious dinner!Sweet and Sour Siakap,Tomyam and Kailan Ikan Masin.I was full that night and enjoy it very much.

6th March 2010
I spent the day to rest a bit and complete some assignments.Nothing much,but I went to Festival of Colours of the World(FESCO).There were many dancers from various institutions and they need to present traditional dance.UTP won many awards but the audience like Sunway College very much with their energetic dance.It ended around 1230am.

7th March 2010
I got called from Akhmal.He said that he want to enter Xplore RC preliminary round.So,we went to the UTP lake around 10am.We ran about 3 and a half rounds of UTP lake and answer IQ test and some games.We stuck for 30minutes doing the IQ test and the rest was tiredness running around the lake.

Well, I need to take bath.TTFN!

p/s:I got a test next week,3assignments to be submitted,and i got asthma back.T__T

p/p/s:I'm gonna be home in a week!O yeahhhh.

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Balqis Riza said...

good luck haikal

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xgka ko pon pergi FESCO erk...

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anonymous:xsngka?nape plak?