Friday, March 26, 2010

Thinking and Reasoning Impossible Things

Have you watch "Alice in the Wonderland"?Well, I recommend you to watch it. It is interesting to see things you wouldn't believe in Wonderland such as woman with big head, two fat boys who are seriously funny(Tweedledee/Tweedledum), not to mention an adventurous journey that Alice had to go through.

What interest me most is the values in the story.We can do impossible things if we believe it is possible.

It is interesting that Alice was trained by her father to think of six impossible things every morning. I remember when i was a little kid, I always think something ridiculous such as I can fly if I know how to project my 'Qi Gong' to my foots (DragonBall influence), I can do sword fighting techniques that can kill many people in one time if only I learn Shaolin KungFu and much more.I believe all of us our own 'ridiculous things' in our past times.

Well,that's the difference between a child thinking and adult thinking.When we are a little kid, we tend to think many things and our learning drive and curiosity are at its peak. As we grow older, that enthusiasm faded with our age. Long ago,people who said they can fly were considered crazy but time proves everything. Now, big airplane such as AirBus are made possible.

Even now, big corporate companies look at child's imagination as an asset because the 'impossible thing' is very valuable. The 'impossible' can profit big company a lot of money. Even Oil and Gas companies now hiring people who are willing to work in harsh environment such as deep sea environment which was impossible long time ago.

I remember my father teach me to reasoning things. For instance, when we look a guy jog in the morning, my father would ask me, 'Why he jog that time?', 'Why he wear that shirt?',' What he do for his job that he had time to jog?' and much more.I had hard time to think because every morning he would ask the same question and I had to answer it differently.I had to answer anything even if it sounds really ridiculous.That time, I was like 'What's the point of all this?'.

Now i really treasure that moment.I wish I was trained even early because my brain don't work that ridiculous now.

"You are off your head,crazy.But let me tell you a secret.All successful people are."-Alice's father.

"Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?"-Mad Hatter.

"I'm sorry I lost my attention.I was thinking people can fly"-Alice

-The dialog is not as exact as said by the characters. It was something like that as I remember.(^^)V

p/s:Don't let time erode your brain.Start to train your brain NOW!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tatkala saya sedang menelaah pelajaran untuk test yang bakal menjelang minggu hadapan,tiba-tiba muncul suatu persoalan,apakah itu Ilmu?

Mengikut sumber yang tidak lah begitu kukuh,Wikipedia(#1 pop di google), Ilmu adalah seluruh usaha untuk menyelidiki, menemukan dan meningkatkan pemahaman manusia dari berbagai segi kenyataan dalam alam manusia.

Dari segi bahasa Arab, ilmu bermaksud memahami, mengerti atau mengetahui. Mengikut wikipedia lagi, ilmu adalah pengetahuan khusus dimana seseorang mengetahui apa penyebab sesuatu dan mengapa. Ilmu perlulah melalui persyaratannya iaitu ilmu mestilah mempunyai objektif, metodis atau kaedah, sistematik dan universal.

Umum mengetahui bahawa ilmu perlulah berlandaskan sumber-sumber yang kukuh dan terbukti kebenarannya seperti contoh Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah.Ilmu juga perlu diselidik kesahihannya dan juga siapa yang mengajarkannya.Ilmu itu tidak boleh diterima selagi mana ianya tidak menepati segala prasyarat yang telah disebutkan.

Ilmu-ilmu sains seperti ilmu kimia, biologi, alam semesta mahupon interpretation of well-line logging memerlukan para saintis membuktikan melalui kajian.Setelah segalanya dibuktikan maka wujudlah theory sesuatu perkara yang membolehkan umum menerimanya sebagai suatu ilmu.

Persoalan yang timbul di benak fikiran

Kita mengetahui pengalaman boleh mengajar kita untuk memahami sesuatu perkara.

Seperti contohnya,ibu bapa kita sering menghalang kita melakukan perkara-perkara membahayakan seperti memanjat pokok,bermain api,bermain air dan sebagainya semasa kita kecil.Mereka lebih mengetahui tentang perkara itu dan mahu kita terselamat dari bahaya.

Tidak cukup kuat?Baik,contoh lain.Bagi sesiapa yang pernah ditinggalkan kekasih, mereka akan mengambil langkah lebih berhati-hati dengan pasangan baru mereka.Bagi orang yang sudah berpengalaman melalui perkara ini,mereka akan menasihatkan rakan-rakan untuk tidak terpedaya dengan tipu muslihat buaya darat.Meskipun pengalamannya tidak boleh diaplikasikan sepenuhnya dalam kehidupan kita,namun kita cenderung untuk mempercayai kata-katanya.

Contoh lain,mungkin kita boleh ambil pengajaran terhadap kegagalan yang pernah kita lalui.Contohnya,kita gagal dalam perniagaan yang menyebabkan kerugian besar.Pengalaman mengajar kita untuk mengkaji pasaran semasa,tempat strategik,memilih barang yang dicari orang ramai dan sebagainya.Kadang-kadang,ilmu tu bukanlah dipelajari seperti pelajar-pelajar di universiti,tetapi boleh juga didapati melalui pengalaman.

Pengalaman bukanlah sesuatu perkara yang boleh dibuktikan mahupon dikaji melalui pelbagai kaedah,namun kita menerimanya sebagai sesuatu yang boleh kita gunakan di dalam kehidupan.Pengalaman banyak mengajar kita melalui liku-liku kehidupan.

Setelah korang penat membaca apa yang telah dibebelkan,persoalan yang nak ditanya adalah,boleh tak kalau pengalaman tu diterima sebagai ilmu?Sebabnya,ramai orang mengajar melalui pengalaman dan terbukti berguna.


p/s:Material-material diatas hanyalah melalui kajian di google,bukanlah melalui seseorang yang pakar ataupon rujukan yang kukuh.Tujuan penulis menulis adalah untuk mengajak orang ramai berfikir.

p/p/s:Harap-harapnya korang fahamlah apa yang ingin disampaikan.Sebab,bila baca balik macam pelik pon ada.Malas nak re-construct.Nak sambung bace untuk test next week.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hectice Week

Hello Readers!

Just to update what had I gone through this past two weeks.I know I write like once a month but now it's not the laziness problem, it's the busyness that keep me away.LOL

21st February-24th February 2010
IRC Carnival 2010.It was wonderful and it was its first appearance in UTP.So,it was like we were the pioneer of that event.The event was aimed to promote our unique Information Resource Centre(IRC) to the students as well as to the public.There was IT Fair and Book Fair, talks by public figure such as Dato Dr Sheikh Muzaphar,movie premiere 'Evolusi KL Drift 2', and some workshops.It was great four days!

25th February 2010 (830pm-11pm)
We(Irshad,Haris Hamzah and me) entered HSE Pop Quiz.Our intention was nothing but to get additional 2% coursewok mark for our HSE subject.However, we managed through to the final round and won ourselves third place.We enter without preparation but we won.Lucky Us.

27th February-28th February 2010
Hazard Hunt.This time, our(Akhmal,Shahrul and me) intention was not just to get the additional 2% but to win the game.Since we won third place last year, this time we aim to get the first place.Rm300+hamper+certificate.This time, the clues were tougher and we dried our energy running around UTP.Unfortunately, we only got 6th place.Poor us.

1st March-4th March 2010
Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering Week(GPEW) 2010.It was fun to be in logistics because I have a coolest Head of Department ever and committees.However, I got two test on 1st of March which were Well Logging and Formation Evaluation and Mandarin.Since I got only little time to study,I tried my best and fortunately, it were okayy for me to answer.No tough questions.Lucky me.Back to the GPEW,I had a free lunch and dinner.YUMMY!!I enjoyed the talks by Sapura Crest,Weatherford and Scomi because I know better the future prospect of potential job that I like.I'm gonna miss GPEW.

5th March 2010
Usually, I'm free every friday, but there was replacement class for Professional Communication Skill(PCS).So the day was fully spent to prepare for my technical presentation.I chose 'The Art of Dealing with People' since I had experience in IRCC 2010 in sponsorship department(we were required to state our credibility to present the topic).After all the last minute preparation,I managed to present it well(I guess).Enough about that the PCS.That night,I reward myself over the hectic week by enjoying delicious dinner!Sweet and Sour Siakap,Tomyam and Kailan Ikan Masin.I was full that night and enjoy it very much.

6th March 2010
I spent the day to rest a bit and complete some assignments.Nothing much,but I went to Festival of Colours of the World(FESCO).There were many dancers from various institutions and they need to present traditional dance.UTP won many awards but the audience like Sunway College very much with their energetic dance.It ended around 1230am.

7th March 2010
I got called from Akhmal.He said that he want to enter Xplore RC preliminary round.So,we went to the UTP lake around 10am.We ran about 3 and a half rounds of UTP lake and answer IQ test and some games.We stuck for 30minutes doing the IQ test and the rest was tiredness running around the lake.

Well, I need to take bath.TTFN!

p/s:I got a test next week,3assignments to be submitted,and i got asthma back.T__T

p/p/s:I'm gonna be home in a week!O yeahhhh.