Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Dieting has become a trend nowadays especially among teenagers. The reason is to maintain fit body, to achieve our desired weight and to have a healthy body. Some find it good and not to say, some are annoyed too. People who are not on diet felt that as if they are left behind. Well, we should not diet because of our friends who, but we should do that because we want to.

The problem in dieting is;people tend to believe when diet, we should eat less food. The statement is slightly yes, but the better one is we should eat less food with high calorie such as fat. One of the good way to put off this problem is to switch to low calorie food. Never try to eat little.

Not to forget our physical exercises. Our muscles need to work too instead of just serving our stomach less. Many find this hard because physical exercises involve lots of loads. Well, no pain no gain right?

Start slow, have an aim in your diet.Do SMART


Well, to those who are on diet, good luck and never give up. You deserve the shape and weight that you dream of.

p/s:I just randomly write this because i am officially on diet.Gambate!

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Balqis Riza said...

terasa bl baca part bersenam tu..ahaks..

my frens ckp, im thin enuf utk diet..
but they dont see me like how i see me..

some say i need shrink..hahaha

mari berdiet!!

orang minyak said...

ha3..ikotkn ak ponn xyh diet.:P tapi saje jerr nak body lg sdap.he3.

Hilman Nordin said...

pehal ko nak diet? ~cis~

fQ :) said...

makan dalam nih! hahaha XD

jom gym esok! ngeh3~ :PPP

orang minyak said...

iman:ha3..ko lagi laa kene diet.ak da mula diet tp hasil msh xde lg.:P

fq:ha3...esok da kene g ipoh la.xtaw ad ke x kt utp