Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to finish reading book?

I have difficulty in finishing what i read. At first, i was excited to read.As time goes on,the excitement faded and then it started to be one page a day, one page per two day and then weeks and then months.:P

Until now, there are about three or four books i half-read. The book was great but the problem is in me.*Sigh*. If i were to continue back,i might forget the earlier part of the book which i might having difficulty reading the middle and ending part.Hehehe..Poor me ehh?

Well, i want to continue back what i read,but the time is not ready yet.*Lotsa of test(alasan jerr)*

What's your opinion?

3 comment(s):

-m3- said...

it's all depends on you, whether you want it or not...
it is so easy to read, you can finish it in one go...only if you want to

Balqis Riza said...

ko bz kot..exam byk..
*alasan eyh? haha*

nway, ko tetap satu2nye kwn aku yg bc buku ebay tu..tetap kagoom smpai bl2..

orang minyak said...

Ha3..alaa,buku ebay tu pownn ak bace sparuh jerr.:P