Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Race

Do you still remember the story of the turtle who beat the rabbit?

I'm sure that all of us know it.There is even the 'second race' of it written by a Malay writer.I learned it in form 4.

Why did the rabbit stop when he can finish the race eh? It is because he underestimate the turtle and he think that why don't he take a nap awhile.

This post have nothing to do with the rabbit or the turtle.I just want to advise my friends to use this study week to study as much as we can.

I can see that some feel safe when they thought that they have fully prepared. We all should prepare for the worse and hope for the best.

Don't forget that the race has not ended yet. We should not let our guards down and have fun in this temporarily world too.Always remember that we all will die one day and prepare also to meet Allah on that Day.

Study2 jugak.Akhirat jangan dilupakan.

p/s:I wish the best for you guys in the exam.

9 comment(s):

Duncan J. Anderson said...

Nak dengar cerita kedua.


orang minyak said...

psl cte kdua 2...akhrnya kura2 mnang gk.dun worry.hu3

Hilman Nordin said...

I did not take that up in my Form 4. I take something else. I forgot the title already!

All the best brother! I'm waiting around for you here. I've been playing basket ball without a challenge so far. LOL!

orang minyak said... challange??bek blatih lg..hu3.
ak da lme xmen basket woo

Nash Nordin said...

Form four kte bace konserto terakhir la..

Hilman Nordin said...

Konserto..... yaaaa.. and now i forgot the story already. LOL!

aku pn lama tak main. sepanjang ramadhan + syawal

ni yg start balik. jadi slow sket.

tp da improve lepas pegi 2 3 kali.


orang minyak said...

ak kn blaja kt perak..2 la jd prlumbaan kdua.

jeles??cis...xpe2..tgk la nnt.ak akn nek ngn mndadak

Nash Nordin said...

apekah yang naek dgn mandadak? berat bdn ko ker? hak hak...

Hilman Nordin said...

hah? bdak ni naik mendadak? berat dia? hak hak!