Friday, October 24, 2008

Selangor is getting Poorer??

I have found out an interesting news that I browsed this morning in here.

It says that Selangor is getting poorer as the level of poverty has been increased from RM731 to RM 1500.

What startled me is why Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd. Khir Toyo wanna argue about that. The action taken by the state government is what i would say a wise action. It is a sure thing if the level of poverty is increased,so do the percentage.

Having food price increased, fuel price increased(eventhough it's now RM2.30,the price can still be lower down looking at the world price of oil) and many more things increased and not to forget that the earnings of the people is still maintain, we would see people with RM1-2k income are not living well at all. Even,people with RM5k need to struggle their life just to feed their family members.

What if the level is not increased?We would hear that Selangor is free from poverty(which Selangor aims to get 0% poverty by 2010)from the media which the people do not feel at all.

This action will make us see that more people need help from us who can live well(Alhamdulillah). Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd. Khir Toyo argues that there is no action taken by the state government like what is promised in the manifesto.Hurm,March to October Datuk Seri.Is that is long enough to compare to the previous government?Wait and see.If there is no goodness in years, I would join you criticize the state government.LOL!!!

Even though we see that more buildings are brought up nowadays,but it doesn't mean that we are achieving more money and less poor people.Hope that Selangor will achieve its 0% poverty.Amiin...

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wafiUddin said...


You really do have this concern for the political affairs of your state, and of course, its welfare also.

I don't really have very high expectation for Selangor. A few years back, before it was declared a developed state by 2005, the preparation towards it was very pompous, and everyone from Perlis to Sabah knew about it.

But after the declaration in 2005, it went silent. As if there were never such preparation and the its significance as a developed state was downplayed.

Why? Because many parts of Selangor still lag behind in terms of infrastructure development, what more of the moral and spiritual development of its citizens. Most of the development is just an overflow from the federal territory.

I went to visit a relative in Klang and it saddens me to see rubbish strewn everywhere, black flowing rivers and illegal factories erected on agricultural land.

Selangor, Selangor...
May Allah bless its lands, its people and its rulers.

intan.maisarah said...

me - borned in selangur...`~

Nash Nordin said...