Friday, October 17, 2008

Open House


I was thinking about going to open house and meeting with old friends and talk about anything.Like yesteryear,i am not able to visit houses since Eid Fitr is not at the end of the year.Well,you know,if it is,people will have time to visit their friends' houses since at the end of the year,many people(students) are already on holiday(semester break).We celebrate Raya for a month right?

So,I was thinking about creating this kind of tradition in here(blog).Here are the rules.

1.The owner of the blog will post an announcement in his/her blog,setting a day for people to come over to his/her blog.Then his/her friends are required to invite others or anyone to the Open House(the blog).

2.They are required to leave some comments and leave their blog address so that the owner can invite others to go to the blog who leave their comments.

3.Then,the people who has visit the owner's blog are required to the same thing,the Open House.

Hurm,by doing this,we will get to know acquaintances and somehow keep the tradition of going to Open House.


Orang Minyak's Open House

Date:18th of October 2008(Saturday)
Time:Unlimited.To those who can't stand to wait for the day are welcome to leave their comments

Thank you;
p/s:If you wanna some foods,add me at my facebook.I can send you digital foods.LOL.XD

5 comment(s):

wafiUddin said...

Interesting idea.

What r we supposed to do when we enter your blog on that specified date n time?

Are there any other medium - other than through comments - through which we (the visitors) can interact with u (the blog owner) in real time?

And what do u as the blog owner, have in store for us visitors? I doubt you'll serve food n drinks. :D

orang minyak said...

The date and time is nothing but just to make it look some kind of official.Well,you know,every open house has its own day.LOL

Other medium?As if?

Of course i would not have foods and drinks to serve.But,this "tradition" is more to 'ziarah menziarahi'.LOL.

Hurm,eventually,you can get to know more people that you have least expected to know.Means to say that,your blog will then have more visitors coming in.

Hilman Nordin said...

aha! I am here. but i do not want to make an open house. boleh tak!

selamat hari raya! better send some rendangs or ketupats to me.

orang minyak said...

laaa..kne r gak.bru la adil.hu3

nk ktupat n rendang,mintk mak.hu3.

Duncan J. Anderson said...

Nak tanya macam mana kau dapat che_det nyer blog utk display recent updates???