Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raya '08


This year, we(my family) celebrated our first day of Raya at our home. There were some unexpected things happened before we went to the southern.LOL.We had planned our time but what to do,Allah has planned as what He wants it to be.Eventually,we managed to get to Johor by almost 6,if i'm not mistaken.

The next day, we visited our relatives which most of them are in Johor.However,not all we met.

The third day,we went to our beloved kampung,in Mersing. The best part was when we can gather with our relatives and spend our time together with them.I think,that's the best part of raya.

Hurm,this year,the script is different where we went to Johor first,then Mersing.LOL.

However,i still enjoy this Raya.A license to forget the live in UTP.

p/s:I got assignment that i need to submit this 9th.Still in progress

6 comment(s):

Hilman Nordin said...

oh, and yet you are still playing ehh?

x nampak pun buat assignment.

aku pun tengah datang2 komen2 blog2 orang nih...

orang minyak said...

Inilah mse utk dispend utk bergembira.

da la xde cuti.hu3..pasni lg sbulan da abis SEM.Yeah!!

currently,playin Angels Online and Q-World.hu3

Anonymous said...

hoit, mane esaimen nak tru?? hehe..
tgh bt esaimen kunun..kin3.. beraye la dlu.
t same2 kite meniru.. haha..

Anonymous said...

smpai hati taknak beraya ngn aku..keh3...

orang minyak said...

Raya kt tgh2 thn ni ssh la.klo ujung2 taun snang.time cuti pnjg.leh la g open house bnyk2.hua3

Hilman Nordin said...

tp kalau raya kat dpn komputer je mcm mana?