Sunday, August 24, 2008

Convofair '08

Assalamualaikum.. with uncle Ramlee

UTP Convofair has came back!!This year,i would say, that it's better than last year.It is because

  1. Convosquare has been changed from v4 field to v4 parking lot.It is much better because people will have no trouble visiting booth without have to worry about any mud due to rainy day.
  2. The celebrity invited are, i would say more decent. MPP has done it's job by not allowing not-so-decent celebrity in terms of its attire i think. Luckily they didn't invite underground musician or else students will be exposed to Jilat song.LOL!!They invite Nabil Raja Lawak and M.Nasir.
  3. I can say that there are more booths than before.
  4. I would say that the main stage is grand if to compare with the previous one.
  5. At alaf21,Ramlee Awang Murshid came to UTP.(usually novelists come at bookfair,not convocation day)
  6. This year,my college is nearer to the convosquare compared to last 2 semesters.
Last night,i thought i would like to try Mee Rebus Utara at convosquare.However, the night was blessed with heavy rain.I was trapped for about 40minutes at Mesra booth. Then,i decided to just get wet running to v4.There,i met Shahir and we decided to just have our dinner at Salam.I had my dinner at 12.LOL. Actually,i wanna meet Nabil Raja Lawak.But,what to do. I have no chance.

p/s:wanna go there to have my lunch after this. Here are some photos(this is why camera is so useful,to snap memorable moment).

View in Mesra booth at night

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Anonymous said...

Hijab Sang Pencinta tu, best r?

orang minyak said...

so far...yg tgh!

Hilman Nordin said...

hey... kutuk ai-chan balik ehhh???

Nash Nordin said...

I seriosuly like the 'Jilat' incident.. XD
=.= sumthing's wrong with my camera..

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