Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oil depletion?


Just a few facts bout petroleum that i find interesting to share with:

1. Oil will drain in years to come,but not so soon. It is because, these days, oil companies only managed to take out one third from the oil field. That means, we still have two third down there. I feel safe to hear that fact. Phew...

2. The largest oil field in the world is larger than Malaysia. It is in Abu Dhabi. Imagine, how many engines on road can be filled up in years. That's many. And lots of profit in it.

3. We can create oil. So, there would not be a problem when there is no more oil. Trust me, when the time come, no one will ever want to ride a car to work. The price of oil created is far more expensive than the oil we dig up.

p/s: There's more fact i think. But only these i managed to remember from my Thursday class(9-7 a.m)
p/p/s: I'm already busy been a student. Can't imagine how would my life be when i work as a petroleum engineer.

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Hilman Nordin said...

hey, i thot u found ths one in the book politics of oil. kind of cool of you to share whats inside class. ths is frm the long hours class?

orang minyak said...

yup2...its from the class.