Saturday, August 2, 2008

August Updates!!


I feel like posting just to update bout myself.

-2 weeks in the new semester is boring.I have 4 subjects that require me to read(memorize facts) and 2 subjects with calculation(even though it is somehow hard,but at least,it is not boring).The boring-est part of it is there is a subject called 'introduction to petroleum engineering' where we have to sit for 8hours lectures(9am-5pm),and then,continues with 2 hours lecture of 'introduction to oil and gas'.From now on,i hate Thursday.

-Like previous semester,i live in village 1(the very same room) which i can easily go for evening sport and maghrib prayer.Talking bout sport,i am now attending basketball training(i missed the opportunity to match with MMU last saturday-so many good players).Tuesday will be my swimming day as monday and thursday will be my fasting day(looking ahead of Ramadhan).

-This semester,i don't know why i don't feel like i wanna join any activities,but somehow,i feel it's very important for my skills development.Now,i hold the post of head PnP for Karate Club(i just now know how to use photoshop) and AJK for lajnah ekonomi,Rakan Masjid.

I think that's all for now,i will keep more updates later.

p/s:i am now at my home(got tahlil 'ere).I miss my karate performance at MMK and my first duty as AJK lajnah's okay.they'll know it.

5 comment(s):

izaanirfan said...

wah3.. dah makin cbuk skrg ek??
jg2 sket mutabaah tu, jgn lack plak k..

Unknown said...

insya-Allah,se-bz mana pon,akn try maintain mutabaah

Nash Nordin said...

8 jam skali harung?? wah! hebatnyer!

siti nur bam said...

hehe....jgn penat mencari ilmu yer...chaiyok!!

orang minyak said...

itu sume aktiviti d sblah pagi..mlm tu ad karate class lg.