Saturday, August 9, 2008

A week of bad things happen


Bad things or should i say i'm not so lucky this week happen to me.

1. The day when i suppose to return to UTP, i decided to play futsal first with my Pasir Salak-ian for about an hour and a half. I was told that my friend could send me to KTT where my other friend,a UTP-ian live nearby there(going back to UTP by his car). However, my KTT friend didn't bring his car along at shah alam. So, i ask my other friend to send me at UKM bangi KTM station. He agreed. However,the bad things were, his car was out of petrol. We went to nearby petrol station first.There was a singaporean(i assume by his car plate) who sucking the oil like hell.(Does government allow this?). Back to the story. Then,my friend decided to drop me at Serdang KTM station because he got things to do.One thing i hate bout KTM is waiting for the train.(i think there's more than one thing i hate bout KTM).Guess what, i was late for about 2hours.

2. Another bad thing happen to me on Monday(the day after i reach UTP).Izaan had just lost his handphone last week.So, after class,we decided to go to ipoh to retrieve his sim card.We have approximately 4hours before another class start. That should be enough as going to Ipoh take less than an hour. However, when we were on the way to Ipoh,suddenly Izaan realized that his car was overheated.Luckily,the engine wasn't yet blown. So, we stop for about a half an hour to let the engine cools down.Pity Izaan,lost of handphone+engine problem=money flying away.At the celcom center, the staff have already gone for their lunch.So,we had to wait.After all the trouble,we thought that we wouldn't manage to attend DE class at time.With all the fussy in our head,we decided for 'The Mummy:and the tomb of the emperor'.LOL.

3.This one can be considered not to bad luck sangat-lah.I lost my first match in UTP basketball league.(my first time appearance in any basketball competition.LOL).Our team name is '69' which i don't really know what it stands for. We competed with a combination of foreigner+chinese+indian team. The foreigner(white man) can dunk!!My two shots were blocked by him even though i manage to slip pass through defender.Damn..In the game, i was given two free-throw.But,i only manage to get one in the basket.(i wish i could be a better shooter).Our next opponent is a combination of UTP basketball representative.oh yeah,we lost with 41-23.

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