Thursday, October 28, 2010

Travel to the Future

I am not genius but I know how to travel to future.Sometimes, I go to the future and see myself there.What I will become, what I do for my living and so on.

You don't need any device, it is given to each and every one of us.MIND.Project your mind into the future and see yourself there.If what you see is vivid, strong and you believe the person in the future is you, then you will be one.

There are things that we plan sometimes didn't come out as we want.But you see, when you give your best in accomplishing what you want, you will get it.That's what the law of attraction is.Imagine what you always want and sink yourself with it, soon you will see the result that you always imagine.In Islam, this is what we usually perform in our prayer.We say it frequently,daily and we put hope in it with God's will.This is one of the strongest things that Muslims have.

One example, you live in 2010 and what you do is like you live in 2015,you are actually 5 years ahead of others. When others live in 2015, you are already in 2020.This is the machine that we need to travel to the future.

Start to see your future and do it frequently.Make what you see there is what you see now.

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eyman hykal said...

Itulah namanya wawasan. Wawasan itu ialah kebolehan melihat hari esok, hari ini!