Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things are easy

To do things is actually very easy. But the willingness and efforts should come along. You see, if you are hungry, go cook or buy food and eat it ( 2 steps only). If you want money, find a job or sell something to get money.If you are sleepy just find pillow or room and sleep.

Well, you might say the example I gave is not enough.Let's take study as example.Still remember your SPM?Well, basically what we do is study and it involves a lot of practices,answering past year questions,discuss with friends from another school,attending tuition and so on. Even if we did all these things, we still fear of not scoring A's in the exam.The truth is,if hundreds of thousands of students can score straight A's, why you can't? (considering you did your very best)

Same goes in losing weight for example.If you don't know how, just google it.I bet lot of tips will be talking about the same thing. Proper meals, enough nutrition, exercises, drink a lot of water and so on.Well, same as SPM, if we do all these thing,how come the result will be different? If you have fear of it,think about hundreds of thousands of people who successfully lose their weight using the same tips.

You see, things are easy actually. The logic is there. You want to know what make simple thing very difficult?What make it very difficult is when we think with our heart(emotion). Simple thing like writing a report become very hard when we think of many pages to write,graphs to interpret, the discussion and so on. It implies in all what we want to do.

Well,I think the actual word is not emotion, but negativity.Emotion is good to motivate us.

Motivation is the fuel,Efforts is the tires,willingness is the engines and we are the driver. A car won't work if there's no fuel, no tires to move it, no engines to drive it. However, the most important is the driver because he is the one who can fuel the car, assemble the engine and put in the tires. One more thing, have a specific goal(destination). You don't want to drive your car and end up at the same spot you were before.

You are the driver of your life!

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