Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Hello Readers!

Its the new year!2010!and i almost reach my twenties in 6 months.LOL.

Well, many people talk about their new resolutions for the new year in blogs or facebook like how they want to improve themself either by stop doing bad things(smoking,gambling....) or doing more good things(become more patient,always happy,etc).

I dont really have one that i really want to achieve.

But for sure i want to improve my self better.As a blogger, i want to post more because i am damn lazy to write.LOL.

This blog have reached its third year and there's been slight drop in number of three only.So i guess this can be my new resolution.:)

Till then.Happy 2010!

2 comment(s):

eli.Suhaili said...

Yes! You should update more indeed.
So now azam 1Malaysia in blogging pulak lah ye
Hehehe ;)

orang minyak said...