Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 things you need to know about flu

When you have flu, these things might happen to you:

  1. Uncomfortable to sleep at night. It will be stressful to breathe properly during sleep and when you wake up you might have sore throat. Most probably you breathe through your mouth.
  2. You can't even taste delicious food that you're having. During flu period, it is advisable not to waste your money into nice foods since you can't enjoy it. I can't even taste chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe.What a waste!
  3. Having flu will disturb your attention in class since you want to get rid of the mucus inside your nose as many time as you can.That thing is really annoying.
  4. Sometimes when your nose is full your talking sounds funny too. During this period,it is advisable not to talk to women.(Just kidding)
  5. For guys this is the time you want tissue paper in your bag wherever and whenever you go. If you don't have any just go to the nearest toilet and grab as many as you can to sneeze out the D mucus.
p/s: I wonder why we can still taste spicy foods even when you have flu.

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