Friday, July 24, 2009

Key to success:Lesson Number One

Have you ever think of something that you consider it as a success?Something that you desire about?

Well,good if you did.

The first lesson to achieve something is to have dreams.Objectives.It's sad to hear when people say he or she never ever had a dream.

How would you score if there's no goal?And,how would you reach your destination,if you don't know the direction?

There's power of dream.When you keep on thinking of something,the consciouss part of the brain will work.And,as long as it's repeated for some times,eventually,it will be stored under the subconsciouss mind.

Do we ever realize that every day,we have subconsciouss objectives such as brushing your teeth, go to work,eating?How can this happen?It is because,we do it daily.

Some say,the mind-over-body-thingy is nothing but ridiculous.But,everything that drives you to work is your mind.That way,any obstacles we confront is nothing.

Trust Your Heart and Believe in Yourself, Go For It and never Give up.

Fail.And Fail Again.Fail better.You are what you think.

Think Simple.BE SIMPLE.

P/s:Listen with your heart.Think with Your Mind.Act With your Body.

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fiqie said...

bila baca, teringat kat STE plak~ lesson yang sama. hehe. tq 4 refreshing it back. :)

orang minyak said...

ouu ehh?? yg da pg ste lame pon xingt ad dlm modul.:P

fura said...

adakah ini Haiqal Nordin?

orang minyak said...

yup...n u??