Thursday, July 10, 2008

A story

Assalamualaikum..greetings to all readers.

This post will be quite different to any other previous posts.It will be a short story of mine.Characters in this story would not be related to anyone and it is just a fiction.

Leonard was born in a rich family.His father was a leader of well-known mafia in the country and his mother had died given born to him.He was trained to be a good fighter so he that he would inherit his father's position in the future.He was trained to not have any mercy to anyone.His father once said to him"To be a good leader,you should lead with an iron fist,so people will fear and follow you.Do not let hesitation clouds your mind when you should kill your enemy in a single shot.It is a matter of life and death".So,he grew up as what his father had planned;created.

Years past and Rusell was not able to lead the mafia group as he grew older and so,he gave the position of his to Leonard.His followers respect Rusell and giving the throne to Leonard was a wise decision.Five years of Leonard's leadership had made the mafia group, 'XeroX' more powerful and their 'area' had expanded wider.People 'love' him so much.

So much crimes had trouble the citizen of The Ring.The police had to work hard in order to stop Leonard but nothing can stop XeroX so far.All had lost their hope but not to Dash.He was determined that he can stop Leonard in whatever way it takes.The police enforcement had closed the case of Leonard as no evidence can proof his guilty.Soon,Dash decided to work on his own,tracking this so called invisible Leonard.

Dash works paid off when he managed to track where Leonard lives.So,Dash housebreak Leonard's house carefully not to alert the alarm.He waited in Leonard's room.

Fatigue and exhausted,Leonard didn't notice any signs of intruder at all.With all the pains on his body after a great fight,he didn't think anything but to fall asleep.As soon as he stepped into his room,a gun was pointed onto his head."Don't make a silly move" Dash said to Leonard.

"Please,sit down." Leonard was confused with Dash as he thought he would probably be dead by now.

"I am here not to kill you.But to reveal you something that you might not know ever in your entire life."

"Huh?" Leonard was still confused.

"I am Dash,from The Ring police department".Dash introduced himself.

"Do i ever asked you?"Leonard chuckled but stop immediately when the gun was pointed to his right eye.

"Do you ever think,why did your mom died?Let me guess,your father should have created a story for you to believe in right?.What did he said to you,about your mother?"Dash asked.

"Uh..I was told that my mom died,given born to me.That's all.I only have a picture of my mom.She's pretty".

"She died because of that?And you believe it?"

"Yeah.Why should i not?I believe in my father.He is the only one that I know,that i can really trust in"Leonard answered,calmly.He was no longer confused nor felt the pain on his body.

"That's the main point.You think you can trust the people you know and somehow you just accept whatever they told you about?You should seek the truth for yourself!" Dash somehow yelled a bit.Dash sighed,to control his anger.

"Before that,have you ever think why did you kill people for no reasons?.And you know that what you do is not the right thing to do?".Dash added.

"Yeah.But,who cares.This is what i do in my entire life.I am loved by my followers,and people afraid of me." Leonard answered with pride.

"Your father did think over it.Rusell was ordered to kill his wife soon after you are born because she hate what Rusell did and always tried to stop him yet she love him .He love Daisy so much that he couldn't pull the trigger.And that's when your grandfather scold him for his hesitation.Rusell was trained to hate people just like you,just pull the trigger and it's all done.Simple."Dash explained everything that he knows.

"Why should i belive this nonesense that you are telling me?That's not my dad.I know him better"

"You want proof?Here!Read all of these things.I know it's hard for your to believe such stranger like me.But, when the truth is there,why don't you think over it?"Dash asked.

Leonard took the papers on the desk,he looked into everything and he knew that he couldn't believe his eyes.It were all the information that Dash had gathered about Leonard.

Sun Tzu once said-to defeat your enemy,you should know who your enemy is

"What do you want me to do?"asked Leonard.

"Leave the group.It's not your real life.You deserved a better future"

Leonard kept silence for a moment,setting all jigsaw pieces of his life into a picture. But he couldn't start at all.

"Here's the thing.To make things simple. If you are to pull a trigger to a person that you really love,what will you do?'Loved' by your followers that you didn't ever care at all of your 'brave act',or to be loved by the only one that love you so much that you have to kill ?"Think about it Leonard.

p/s:Thanks for those who read this not so good story."Merepek",that's the good word for this post.Yea??

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Nash Nordin said...
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Anonymous said...

Aku x paham...
tetibe je si polis cakap pasal mak dia mati?? y? y?
memang niat polis tu nak jumpe leonard sbb nak ckp pasal kematian mak dia? bukan sebab dia nak tangkap leonard ke??

Unknown said...

polis tu xmo pnjarakan leonard sbb die nk beritau kbnaran kt leonard