Saturday, July 19, 2008's all over.


I have had a great semester break from the first of June till 20th of July 2008...lots of things happen and i really enjoy it.Well,you know,living in UTP(i suppose,not only UTP) is tough with lots of assignments,tutorials,activities,etc...So,i really grab this opportunity to enjoy myself.Here are some things that i manage to remember during my semester break:

-There was a change of plan when i suppose to go back home.My dad called me that friday morning and he told me that he would pick me up after friday prayer which i was first told that i would be back home on sunday.He had planned it actually,to surprise my mom.My mom didn't ever recognize me at first as i wore cap that time and Atuk Jemah thought that i was Intan's boyfriend.LOL.

-During this semester break,i had to work my butt to carry all things as we removed back to our old 'new' house.(after renovation).The house is magnificient.If you compare the previous and the present,you will think,what magic have been done here.I have my own bed at last.LOL!!

-I remember that my brother had to pay 200 ringgit(if im not mistaken) when he reversed mom's car without closing the back door.Then, i had to hold the door all the time when my brother drove the car to a workshop in Shah Alam.Most of passer-by look at us.(especially me,who hold the door).

-A week before STE,i went out for three times in a row.Tuesday with my friend and we watched "Kung Fu Panda".Wednesday with my sister,we watched 'Apa Kata Hati'.I was really frustated with the person behind me.They all laugh like hell.Thursday with my MJSC PS friend,i forgot what we watched that time.

-I celebrated my 18th birthday in a jungle(hulu langat) when i had to attend STE program,compulsory for all Petronas scholars.The night before,we dine at Pizza Hut with Izaan(he stay a night with us).I got a new camera for my birthday present.Thanks to those who gave it.

-Izaan and me managed to watch 'Superhero Movies' before we went to KLCC to gather before departed to Agrotek resort.I had a great time in STE.Many things i had learnt there like TWB diamond.And i have learnt the importance of saving money(which i seldom save before).I met with lots of new friends and in a week,i managed to learn from others.

-I take all chances to drive mom's car.I have drove to Ikea(farthest,so far) and OU.Urm,but there was a day when the car suddenly turn dead which i did(something's wrong with the car after service-excuse) for about 5 times.LOL!!

-Two days after STE(23 rd of June),i went to MJSC PS to take my SPM result slip.There,i managed to meet Cikgu Amal(my BM teacher) who had helped a lot during my SPM time.She managed to remember my name.(that was great).When we reached there,it was already noon,so,there are only a few teachers i managed to meet.

-The night after,the four of us(me,fariq,akram and afandi,a.k.a saoxy) stay overnight at Damansara.(which i told my parents that i slept at my friend's house in Shah Alam-gomenasai).We only managed to play a game of pool as the outlet was about to close it's operation.Then,we lepaking at a mamak restaurant as we had nothing to do but to eat.After about an hour,after chit-chatting,we wandered around like stray dogs,homeless guys(which didn't plan at first).We slept at in front of Alfa Romeo's showroom and at the bus stop.LOL!!We had a breakfast at McDonald's before we went to our own house.(damn expensive).

-During my semester break,i went to KLIA to say goodbye to Azhar as he would further his study in Russia in engineering.That time,i wish i could study overseas too.That night,i stayed in Aizat's house in Shah Alam.We slept at 3 after two great movies.

-A week before i went to Sg.Wang with Izwan to shopping.I bought shoe,shirt,bag(for my bro) and a jean.LOL.For the first time,i spent like almost 200ringgit which i RAREly do in my entire life.It was great.

-My sister thought that i have a secret affair with Balqis which i don't.We are only FRIEND.Not more than that.Hurm,she was on her holiday too,which she seldom come back because she studies in Indonesia.We kinda met a lot(not two of us only-with the precense of others too).She sad because her youngest sister,a year old(if im not mistaken-bal,sorry kalo salah) cries whenever she want to cuddle her.Her sister doesn't know that Balqis is her sister.LOL.

-I managed to get an external hardisk at last!!Now,i can download many movies.LOL

-On my last day of holiday,we(mom,intan,irine and me) watched 'the journey to the center of the earth'.They enjoyed the movie a lot.We went shopping like i-dont-know-how-to-describe.The night,we ate at Pak Li's kopitiam.I enjoyed the food,but the drink was really sweet.LOL.

The time is 12:59 a.m,20th of July already.So, i think,i better stop here as i have to wake up early tomorrow.UTP,here i come!!

p/s:I am in a good spirit to turn over a new leaf

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Nash Nordin said...

Superhero Movie Sux!!

Nash Nordin said...

No.. I didn't thought you have any secret affairs... I was just teasing - that's what a sister do.. :D

Anonymous said...

You certainly had a wonderful holiday. But did you say, you slept at the bus stop? Say that again? lol!

Unknown said...

hahahaha...i did really sleep at the bus stop..