Friday, July 4, 2008

Reality TV


I'm really disappointed with our television station which they all race in serving our young generation with lots of useless entertainment.Yes,we enjoy the programs, but do we really benefit from it? We will only stick in front of the television,forgetting our compulsory responsible towards Allah. Don't you think it would be better if program that require us to remember songs lyrics is changed to program that require us to remember all surah in Al-Quran. Or at least,do programs that require knowledge usage such as 'who wants to be a millionaire' or 'are you smarter than a fifth grader'. Nowadays,entertainment is seen as heaven to all of us.I'm really disappointed to see young kids is nurtured with lots of entertainment that they all racing with each other to be an artist,or in another word,to be popular. In addition,their parents didn't even care with their childs attire.To them,to be an artist,you should wear like them. Our young generation is in dire need to be educated with Islamic teachings.It kept deteriorating year after year.

I'm really grateful to find out that our neighbour country has done a good job in educating their young generation,through reality TV programs. It is called PILDACIL which stands for pemilihan Daie cilik. I'm really suprised to see such small kids can even do better than me to deliver religious speech.Wonderful!!I'm relieved to find out that there are still people who willing to do such program.I hope more programs like that can be done in our country.

"Dan Kami telah menurunkan kitab(al-Quran) kepadamu(Muhammad) dengan membawa kebenaran,yang membenarkan kitab-kitab yang diturunkan sebelumnya dan menjaganya,maka putuskanlah perkara mereka menurut apa yang diturunkan Allah dan janganlah engkau mengikuti keinginan mereka dengan meninggalkan kebenaran yang telah datang kepadamu.Untuk setiap umat kepada kamu,Kami berikan aturan dan jalan yang terang.Kalau Allah menghendaki,nescaya kamu dijadikanNya satu umat(saja) tetapi Allah hendak menguji kamu terhadap karunia yang telah diberikan-Nya kepadamu,maka berlomba-lombalah berbuat kebajikan.Hanya kepada Allah kamu semua kembali,lalu diberitahukan-Nya kepadamu terhadap apa yang dahulu kamu perselisihkan"(5:48)

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