Friday, June 13, 2008

we are not a rich country??

Yesterday,i read a statement made by Datuk Shahrir saying that Malaysia is not a rich country.Hurm,i was wondering why did he thought of that when our economy is said to be increasing handsomely(long time ago) where Bursa Malaysia had jumped into a so-called the highest She has ever reached,over a trillion.Well,considering the people who are not fortunate enough,(struggle hard in their lives-lots of letter are published in Utusan), what Datuk Shahrir claimed was quite true.I wonder,why the 'kadar kemiskinan' is said to be decreasing over the years when there are lots of people who are still in the poor state.The government should consider back what is the level for people who are in 'kemiskinan' state.Previous level cannot be used again considering the inflation rate,lifestyles and increasing of 'taraf kehidupan'.

Two years ago(SPM-06),in Islamic religion class,the Ustaz said that how could the 'Pusat zakat' made a lot of profit(actually,he was discussing about a case where there was a worker who misused the profit).He said,why don't the profit(over a million) is contributed to the poor people?That much of money sure can help those unfortunate.He mentioned of the Era after the prophet Muhammad died(wafat),where people have to travel over a country just to search for poor people to pay their zakat.It showed that the country was so rich(there were no poor people qualified to accept zakat) that people had to travel just to complete the fourth 'rukun islam'. He questioned us,whether we are generous enough to donate most of our belongings to the other,taken prophet's companions as examples?Most of us answered,we didn't think we were that generous.So,he gave us an anology.
1.There is a big,beautiful house(rich) surrounded by many dilapidated houses.
2.There are common houses that look the same.

In the first condition,if you were to live in that big beautiful house,you might live a comfortable house but your heart will never ever calm,as you will worry about your safety,fearing of any robbery that could occur.That's because the poor one will always jealous over the fortunate one and they might throw stones at your big house.

In the second condition,you will live not so comfortable house but you will always calm,no much to worry and there will be no one will have bad feelings towards you.Isn't great?

Hurm,well, this post is just about my thought to be shared with you all.Nothing is meant for certain people.

I hope the very best that those who have right to handle all this kind of thing to use their authority in proper so that all of us can live happily.Worldy and hereafter.

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