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Overuse Is Losing(O.I.L)

Salam and greetings to all readers.

This post will be about the current issue-oil price. Note as a reminder that I will not side any body in this country as this is only thought of mine.

I have been browsing the net and read through articles and there are lots of things that i get from others. Some are annoyed with the government and some just tell us to be patience and start to learn how to cut short our expenses. But,mostly,blame the government for the unreasonable increment.(Based on the statistics of previous increment,it can be seen that this year increment is the most highest-78cents.)
(You know what,i guess correctly when i say government will say the actual increment is 1Ringgit but they will say they give discount 30cents.LOL)

From what i can get through reading are:
1.Why did the Prime Minister suddenly announced the new oil price?why not later?
2.Why not the Prime Minister just let the price rise slowly-by phase,not drastically.
3. A minister said that the price will be announced on August.why now?
4. Those minister tell us to change our lifestyles(the poor people) but what about them(the upper class people)?
5.It's unfair for the upper class to have same subsidies like the poor people.
6.Why the Prime Minister always tell our oil price is cheaper when our per income capital is lower than other countries?This is how they(ministers) want to tricks our mind(NOTE:it's not me who says,this is what i found)
7.Why do the government still increase the oil price when we are the net exporter of oil,where we shouldn't be affected by the oil price.
8.PETRONAS can make a lot of profits and why not subsidies the profits?
9.And the list will go on...etc2

(As a Petronas scholar,i am not please when people always talk about the profit that Petronas gets.It's not that i'm against it but what i'm not please is when people want more of Petronas profits to support oil subsidies.Yesterday, i read about what
Tan Sri Dato Sri Mohd Hassan Marican said in the newspaper. He mention that 33.5billion of its profits has already been channeled to the government to subsidies oil.He said that,people should know that the cost of oil exploration and research has already increase too. That means,Petronas should also spend more on to reinvest for it's company to grow.He added that most of other oil companies fail to excel when lots of their profits is given to the country.As for me,i wonder does the government really make use of Petronas profit to subsidies oil or not?-sigh)

I also received another opinion from my dad over our breakfast.He said that,the more government spend on subsidizing oil,the more greedy people will overuse the oil-which then,will increase the number of cars on road(I've read this too on newspaper article a long time ago where the writer compares Petronas and Pertamina.He says thatPertamina was once one of the top oil company in the world but it fell when more of its profit was used to support oil subsidizing) .It's not so hard to change our lifestyles. When buying for example,do we eat nasi lemak only or nasi lemak with sotong,telur and so on.We choose the best way to save our money.It's up to us actually.

I agreed with him but suddenly i remember some other thing i read.
"Apa yang orang kaya cakap pasal kemiskinan tak sama dengan apa yang orang miskin cakap pasal kemiskinan"

I am quite fortunate because i was born not from a rich family but from a quite good economically-established family.I might not affected the whole(still student) but i can see what the poor people felt(but i know,i didn't feel the same way as they did).Thanks to my father who asked me to get a job while waiting for SPM results last two years.It was really tiring to be a waiter who sometimes got on-call duties but still get low earnings(yeah i know,part-timer only get few,but not as what i thought it was).I had made a calculation where i suppose to get 400++ but i only manage to get 300++.That's because of uniform fee,EPF and so on. There was also a brother(who's older than me) who will to come to Kelana Jaya from Shah Alam just to be a sushi-maker.When i asked why don't he just work on his area,he answered that there are no jobs for him to occupy.He had to ride a motorcycle just to get to workplace. He only got 1000++ not including overtime.I wonder how he would manage to survive if he was still to work there(His presence is no longer on sushi king-he might quit the job i think)

I think i have talk to much that i have run from what i want to say.My point is we should be with the poor people when we want to talk about the poor people.(NOTE:i'm not trying to argue that what my father said was wrong.Because i know,he had felt the difficult times a long time ago to support our family.So,what he said make sense.Thanks dad for everything)

All in all,we shouldn't blame anyone for this issue. What we can do is to find solutions to settle all matters. What i can recommend is let us get back to the Holy Quran-a book that covers all aspect of our lives and it is still practical till the End of the Day.Like what God says in Surah Muhammad,47:24
"Maka tidakkah mereka menghayati Al-Quran ataukah hati mereka sudah terkunci?"

Let us refresh our mind.
1.As for saving,we should kill our nafs.Like in surah Al-Jathiyah,45:23
"Maka pernahkah kamu melihatnya orang-orang yang menjadikan hawa nafsunya sebagai Tuhannya dan Allah membiarkan sesat berdasarkan ilmunya dan Allah telah mengunci mati,pendegarannya dan hatinya dan meletakkan tutupan atas penglihatannya.Maka siapakah yang akan memberikan petunjuk setelah Allah(membiarkannya sesat)maka mengapa kamu tidak mengambil pengajaran"

Do you all know that jihad against our nafs is the greatest jihad of all?

2.It's true we might angry towards our government over certain issues,but we should never talk bad things about them.Like in Surah al-Hujurat,49:12

"Wahai orang-orang beriman,jauhilah kebanyakan dari prasangka,sesungguhnya sebahagian dari prasangka itu adalah dosa dan janganlah kamu mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain dan janganlah sebahagian kamu mengumpat sebahagian yang lain.Sukakah salah seorang di antara kamu memakan daging saudaranya yang sudah mati?Maka tentulah kamu merasa jijik kepadanya.Dan bertakwalah kamu kepada Allah.Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Penerima Taubat lagi Penyayang"

Indeed,we should always think good of others.

3.For those who are quite fortunate,help those who are unlucky.Like in Surah Muhammad,47:38
"Ingatlah,kamu adalah orang-orang yang diajak untuk menginfakkan (hartamu)di jalan Allah.Lalu di antara kamu ada orang yang kikir, dan barang siapa kikir maka sesungguhnya dia kikir terhadap dirinya sendiri.Dan Allah-lah Yang Maha kaya,dan janganlah kamu yang membutuhkan(karunianNya).Dan jika kamu berpaling(dari jalan yang benar)Dia akan menggantikan(kamu) dengan kaum yang lain,dan mereka tidak akan (durhaka) seperti kamu"

As for me,i hold on
"Jika kamu mengejar akhirat,dunia pasti datang"
Its analogy is like a body,a source of light and a shadow.If you after your own shadow(world),you will stay where you are(stray form the right path).But,when you run to the source of light(akhirat),the shadow(world) will always follow you.

I know that my understanding in Islam is not so good,but Allah says,we should always remind others.Like in Surah az-Zaariyat,51:55 and Surah al-Asr,103:1-3.We are never perfect in all,so,we should never ever wait to be perfect to remind others

That's all for now.Let me highlight you all again that this post has nothing to do to any side of party,body,individual or so on.It is just a share of opinion of mine.

p/s:In future,i might have difficulties in finding job(Petroleum engineer),so i think i suppose to work harder from now on to safe a good position in job.I have read in some articles,which i have forgotten from where i read it,but it stated that-It's true that oil is drying out,but,it is only on from the spot that we have discovers.There are still about two third yet to be discovered soon.(i hope what it says is correct)

Thanks for reading guys.


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Hilman Nordin said...


if I am inside your shoes, I will not say that I will have difficulties in finding jobs.

it will be the opposite. the money is there.

but, you will sure lose job if people start using alternative fuel everywhere.