Monday, June 30, 2008

Soaring The eagle


S.T.E.This is the programme that i attend last two weeks,compulsory for all Petronas scholars.Mainly,it is to motivate students to perform better in their studies and to bring awareness of their responsibilities towards Petronas.

It was held in Agrotek Resort,Hulu Langat(near the place i sat for my driving test with JPJ).At first,i was not really into the programme as i know,it will be boring as other motivation programme.But,heaven!!it was unlike what i thought at the first place.Petronas did a good job to entertain their participants in that programme.Most of the students satisfied and they want more.Including me.:P

It's main onjective is to let students aware and master 6 things in total well being or also known as TWB diamond.It is studies,relationship,finance,mind,body and spiritual.All is covered except studies.

What i like about it is how the fascilitators manage to make the activities fun and interesting.How they did it?They treat us like a young kids.YUP!!We were asked to draw our dreams.Draw what is in our head when certain words is given.We were also given sweets and drinks in the class.We sang songs,dancing,sleeping together,sharing experience.It is very wonderful,even i cannot explain it exactly.

There,UTP students was given a chance to meet their overseas student(students who further their studies overseas).You can see the difference between them obviously.The overseas students are more socialise and more bold unlike UTP students,some or not.But,what i like is they are being so supportive. On the last night of our programme,there is a karaoke competition.Most of the contestants are from UTP and about two or three from overseas. The winner was Joe,from the overseas students.He rocks that night!He's very talented.He's the medical students who is fortunate to be under Petronas scholarship.For your information,there are only 10students chosen by Petronas to further study in Medical.Others are engineering.Hurm,UTP students sucks that night,but the overseas students kept supporting them,eventhough,the night was like-UTP versus overseas.LOL.Unlike UTP students,when their opponent sings,they didn't cheer at all.

One of the activities that i remember is 'words that kills' in the Relationship diamond.We learnt about harsh words that can hurt feelings and we were told to make it less hurtful.LOL..Then,the session continue with 'heart writing.'A session to write all things that u hate about a friend of yours.Hurm,honestly,i didn't write anything because i don't have any.During that session,i wonder why there are none in my mind.Then,i started to think whether they are someone who hates me very much.It is because i hardly know how people feel,especially towards me.My friend had once said that i say anything i like without considering what other felt.So,in that 'heart writing session',i wrote-'to anyone who hates me,please tell me.I really don't know you all felt and i really want to apology for everything that i've done.I'm really sucks in this thing'(something like that laa).In the end,we were asked to trash the written paper if we were ready to forgive someone who we hate so much.Most trash,some keep it(not ready yet to forgive).

Then,there is also a session that what we wanna tell our parents.Anything that we sorry for,we hate or anything that we feel that time.We were asked to write it down on a piece of paper.I wrote-"I'm sorry to both of my parents,to mom especially because she had to retired early just because to take care for all of us(siblings),me especially,because of my poor performance in studies(after jump class)".Then,i started to think.Maybe,that's why my parents didn't allow me to study overseas.I might ended like what i decide during my PTS.After the writing session,we were asked to volunteer ourselves to share anythings.But anything that we told would remain in that class.Hurm,i listened to stories and i'm very grateful to have a happy family.I didn't share anythings because most of the stories are very sad to hear.Honestly,i shed tears too.(tapi cover2 la).Most of them had a bad relationship with their parents,especially with their father.I love u mak,abah.

What else eh?foods.Wonderful.We were served 6 times a day just to eat.Very delicious.The best night was on the karaoke night where we had BBQ too.I ate 'kaki kambing'.People were like 'uh?is this guy for real'.LOL.I ate it because most of the parts was already eaten by others when i came down for BBQ.(i was late that night).

Overall,the programme was very enjoyable.We are EAGLES.