Friday, March 25, 2011

Improve yourself by self-questioning

Here is what I do when I want to improve myself:self:questioning. I see problem, I question myself how to solve it and later, ideas started to come. I love when idea started to rush into my mind because then I can see that there is so many solution to a problem. Even better if you can challenge your own idea and next thing you know, you got a better idea. Sometimes, I can't find answer to a problem myself, so what I did was to ask people. You will also be surprised that sometimes people can throw an idea that looks very simple to think of but you just don't come across it. I could say that this is a key to success: questioning.

But, what I want to stress in here is about self-questioning. You question yourself and you yourself try to find a solution to it. Let's say you are on diet (currently i'm trying to get into shape). Keep questioning yourself everyday and challenge it.
  1. Today is Monday and I should have a good start for the weekend. What should I do today to lose weight?I did eat less yesterday, so maybe today I should drink more water to keep away my hunger.
  2. I had tried to eat less and drink more water, so what should I do today to lose my weight? Maybe I should fast today
  3. Its the third day of the week.I found that keep on limiting food intake and drink more is boring.What should I do?Maybe I should start exercising
  4. Its very tiring to lose weight and its seems so hard. How can I improve? Maybe I should eat more but with proper diet.A balanced diet.
  5. Its very exhausting and I really hate to tire myself by doing exercise. How can I enjoy exercising? Maybe I should play football where I can sweat and at the same time have fun with my friend
Day by day, your question will change from "what" to "how". There is difference between what and how. "What" is used most likely to "get information" while "How" is used to "expand the information". Confused?Let's see an example.

What: What cause water to turn into ice?
Answer: Condensation

How: How can water turn into ice?
Answer: Water started to turn into ice when heat losses through condensation process until it falls below its freezing temperature which is 0 degree Celsius.

I bet you will improve yourself day by day by keep questioning yourself. Its even better if you can challenge it and you will see better results.

The best part of questioning yourself is you don't even need it to be right or wrong as long as you are happy with your own answer.Because that's the way you can enjoy yourself.

p/s: This tip is used to improve yourself. It should never ever be used in learning especially when it involve sensitive issues such as religious matters.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spending wise

Today is 20th March (Sunday) and there is still 2 weeks for the month of April to come by.Not because of the April Fool, but because my bank account has reached its red alert.2 weeks to survive with only 50 rinngit in the bank. It was different in February which made me checked my account transaction. To my surprise, there was a period where i withdrew my money in the same day twice and also the next day.I can't even remember what I did except to pay monthly rental for cars, bills and house. The rest I can't recall.

So, next month I plan to have a logbook where i can record and monitor my spending.I think most of it go into foods and entertainment. I really need to control myself. Well you know, human never feel satisfied to what they already own