Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spending wise

Today is 20th March (Sunday) and there is still 2 weeks for the month of April to come by.Not because of the April Fool, but because my bank account has reached its red alert.2 weeks to survive with only 50 rinngit in the bank. It was different in February which made me checked my account transaction. To my surprise, there was a period where i withdrew my money in the same day twice and also the next day.I can't even remember what I did except to pay monthly rental for cars, bills and house. The rest I can't recall.

So, next month I plan to have a logbook where i can record and monitor my spending.I think most of it go into foods and entertainment. I really need to control myself. Well you know, human never feel satisfied to what they already own

2 comment(s):

intan.maisarah said...

u need financial adviser.

i'm available

fiqie said...

me tooo! kene track jugak semua expenses every day! >.<!!