Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First day in MIRI

Flight MH2592 to MIRI at 830 a.m made me woke up early in the morning;i need to be at KLIA around 730 a.m to check-in. So the journey began after subuh prayer(thanks Iman for sending me there) and i met my other fellow friends; Daus and Ben. The flight took around 2 hours and 15minutes which we arrived at MIRI airport at 1045. Our seniors (Zaki and Zakuan) fetched us at the airport and we went tour around SKO office and arrived at our house. It is quite spacious to feed 7 of us with 3bedrooms,2toilets,fridge,stove,dining table,set of sofas and big compound. The drawback is,we are provided with only one standing fan. There is no ceiling fan at all.

After settled down our stuffs, we went to nearby super/hyper market(it is called eMart) to buy house needs.We bought wardrobe,pillows,beds,pail and so on. Then, we had our lunch at SCR(local restaurant above the eMart).Most of the evening we spend in the house to pack down our stuffs,rest and so on.

There was one incident happen that night.Since we were given only one copy of keys by the houseowner, we duplicate to make it three sets. One of our friends stayed at his aunt's house that night.So we decided to give him a set of keys in case he need to return home when we were not around(we went to dinner at Restoran Muara).Unfortunately, we didn't realize that we gave him the original copy.So what happen was, when we return home that night, we tried all 3 sets of keys to open the doors. None of it worked. Therefore, we stayed at our seniors' house for the night.

p/s:There are many things to tell about my experience here.But I will tell later.
p/p/s: Is enjoying Internet like Ive never seen it before

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