Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Martial arts and Me

I really like martial art since i was a kid.I like kung-fu(influenced by movies) but there were no teachers to teach that,so,my father sent me to learn Taek-wan-do.It was really great but i had to stop in standard 6 because i had to sit for UPSR that year(plus,i failed the taek-wan-do test twice).

I never join any martial arts since then until that one day.I felt the spirit back like when i was a kid(so eagerly to beat the bad people-LOL) .So i decided to join karate in UTP.I still like taek-wan-do,but i just want to try other martial arts.Just to be different.

What i can say is,there's no much differences between karate and taek-wan-do.I found myself having no difficulty in learning karate.LOL.

I started to love Karate.So,i decided to join karate tournament(not as participant,but as an outsider-just to know how the tournament look like).

It started on the 28th till the 30th of November.It was held at Federal Reserved Unit 3(FRU3) in Penang.(ohh-it wasn't only for karate.It involved other martial arts too such as taek-wan-do,silat,silambam,wushu,etc.
The Penang team performing Katar
Perak won 2 Gold,1 silver and 4 bronze.

I really enjoy my trip there.
Perak Team(find me!!)
p/s:Maybe i will enter the tournament next year.

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intan.maisarah said...

karate!!~ nk tgk ko buat persembahan dpn aku..aiiyaakk!!