Sunday, September 21, 2008 it always be.


The 16th of September has passed few days ago.Yet,we still don't have our sixth prime minister as claimed by Datuk Seri Anwar that the 16th of September would be the point of political changies in Malaysia.

Not much happen,but we could see some "things" happen before,during and after that day.
1. 3 people were arrested under ISA act.A Blogger Raja petra,Sin chew Daily Newspaper reporter and a Parlimen member of Seputeh,Teresa Kok.

2. Pak Lah had changed his portfolio with the deputy prime minister,Datuk Seri Najib.An exchaange of financial portfolio with defense portfolio.Some said,Pak Lah is getting more cautious with the "changing of prime minister".And other said,he just want to show to the people that he is willing to give his position with Datuk Seri najib by doing that.

3. Coincidence or not,suddenly oil price decrease quite dramatically.This will increase people's belief towards Anwar that he can make the oil price going cheaper.

I am not good in politics and i don't think i would like it.But i am really concern bout the future of Malaysian.Under whatever party,i wish the best for Malaysian.Like what Dr Azri said before the Permatang Pauh election.Choose the least bad influence.Meaning that,both are not good but choose the least bad between those two. it always be.Endless.Fight between parties have never ever lead us towards betterment.

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