Monday, September 1, 2008

A trip to Penang


I have an exciting holiday in Penang.I have to attend a program there.The program involved participants from other universities as well,especially from the upper north of Malaysia.I have met a lot of friend.Some older and some have the same age as me. I miss them a lot. The program was not so tight but it made us all tired.LOL...The program was about unity and relationship

between people.

So,we(3of us) departed from UTP at 7pm,heading north.We had to go late because we had class before that.We reached there at 1145pm.The program was like a day an a half. We decided to go back to UTP right after Subuh prayer.LOL...

It is because we wanna tour around penang because izaan and me had only reached there once and akmal haven't.We decided to go to Queensbay Mall just to have one full happy day before Ramadhan.There,we have our chance to watch people marching(Merdeka celebration).

Hurm,let us see
what interesting(uh?) things happen:
  1. We watched Babylon A.d.It was borrrrriiiinnnngggg.Luckily,it was only 10rnggit even when it is on public holiday.
  2. Shopping.I spend lots of money.Luckily,Ramadhan is a month of savings.Huhuhu.
  3. I have tasted Coffee Bean's at last.Mwahahaha.Juz wanna give it a try.
  4. Izaan lost his parking ticket. He decided to do lots of not-so-good idea.Fortunately,when we told the guard that we lost our ticket,he just let us go.Pheww...
  5. On the way back,we travel by ferry.Lol.
  6. We eat Nasi Kandar.LOL.juz wanna know why people like it.
  7. We have our Terawih prayer in RnR.

I found this weird restaurant

3 comment(s):

Nash Nordin said...

u didn't go to nite market? why? why??
tp kan, ko blom rasa starbucks.. ahaks

siti nur bam said...

tahniah anda telah di tag~~

orang minyak said...

xsmpt la nk g nite market.hu3.

thx ek bam