Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New environment....


I am so mixed up.Prophet Muhammad had once said that everything started with intention.The intention is very important.

It's very hard to leave home and continue my semester study because i know,once we are in comfort zone,we tend not to get over it.(i had once read in a motivational book about learn how to study a.k.a belajar cara belajar)whatever it is,i know that it is part of challenges that i need to get through.I have to straight up my intention,which is to be an excellent achiever.

The first week in UTP is quite okay-lah.I've been moved to a new college which is quite good, i think so, compared to my previous college.Even though,it is quite 'not-really good-looking' but it's quite comfortable,especially when there's internet where i can surf anytime i want.LOL.(actually,it will make me difficult to study)

Lecturers??All of them are quite good even though some have strict-face and some has difficult slang of language to be understood.Whatever it is,i need to put a good impression to them.Like what my chemistry lecturer said,'you need to market yourself'.It's the part where i find hard to do.(however,i will try to overcome it slowly,no need to rush aite)

Hurm,i find that many of friend have started their new semester with a new determination.Even though,it was just second day of being in here(2008), they are all have started study by their own already.I find this is quite good and 'not good for me'.A healthy competition has came.(Ganbate ice-chan)

About junior,i have found one of my old friend here,my primary school friend,Nazrin Jaafar.It was quite a pleasant because, at least,i have Kelana jaya partner.LOL.

I need to keep my spirit up and maintain it so that i can be accomplisher than before.YAY!!

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