Monday, January 14, 2008

Changing for betterment

Salam(peace upon you)

Yea,yea i know.I know what are you thinking.What the hell are this guy doing.Is he getting advance by involving with todays technology??Yea3.i know,why 'orang minyak'.There's lot other good names outside there,and why is he so 'not to clever' to choose that name.(trying not to use bad words in this newly created blog).

Well,before i go further, "orang minyak" could be defined as pervert who attacks young ladies and rape them,leaving others,clueless without any trace but spots of oil. It also can be directly translated as a man who is fully covered with oil.

Hurm,like most of the blogs i read,the first post is normally talking about,why and how do u can get involve in blogging??(if not most,i did in my xanga site.LOL)

Well,as a new spirit of new year(maal hijrah) why not i choose to change site.Right??Hijr means changing from a condition to a better one.Well,urm,maybe the meaning doesn't much implies in here,(not knowing whether this site is better or not),but,i still wanna give it a try.I'm not losing anything but gaining more and more ideas by sharing with others.

I hope that people will accept me more in here than in xanga.Oh yea,before i forgot,i found out that oilguy is quite a catchy name(so that people can easily remember my site.LOL).Plus,i am petroleum engineering student,so,what the heck is wrong bout that name?it's me dude...That was my first idea,before my brother said that 'orang minyak' is more catchy than oilguy even though it brings same meaning.LOL.


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