Sunday, April 17, 2011

Working Experience

Internship programme really made me realize how wonderful student life is if compared to working life.These are several things that working people always had

  1. 8-5 working hours: Working 8 hours per day is really tiring. I need to wake up early in the morning to bath, breakfast and avoid traffic jam.Once I sat down own my desk, I always said to myself 'I have 8 hours to spend before I can go back home'. Time seems so slow in the office but it get really fast after office hour.
  2. Traffic Jam: Even if I depart early from home, there is always traffic jam. Lucky for me, in Miri the traffic jam ain't that bad compared to KL. Even stuck for few minutes had already made me depressed; How could I work in KL.Normally, I would avoid driving and let my friend drive and he would also do the same.
  3. Weekend: Friday is the best day of working days because you know that you can have enough rest on the next day. Having Friday prayer give additional one hour for lunch break which means I only need to work for 7hours. Once the office hour ends, I felt really good. Having two days of break is not enough.
  4. Exercise: It is really difficult to maintain exercise routine which I normally do in college. After 8 hours of working,feeling tired; I would rather sit at home and relax, enjoying every moment. Now, I manage to manage my time and spend one hour in the gym in the evening.
There are so many things that can be listed but I feel really lazy to think and type in here. I want to enjoy this weekend.LOL!

p/s: I haven't experience loads of work since there is really no work given to me.Envy other intern who have works because it made me suffer to do nothing for 8 hours for 5 days in week.And this is my forth month and left with about 3months more.