Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reality of life

I might not be the right person to talk about this.But i do have something in my head that i think worth writing.Maybe not for you readers, but for me;to advise the future me (this is like Ted Mosby writing to future himself why he shouldn't date his ex-es.But on this case,its totally different)

Few days back or months I should say, I have been busy searching for internship placement for next semester. After attending the internship briefing, I was really excited (there's always excitement in first time experience). Turn out that the next day, I listed all the PE related companies; googling on the net, to find exciting companies and their addresses.(Hell, I was really that enthusiastic)

I even write,re-write,re-write and I forgot for how many times I need to correct my resume. Well, basically it was easy to refer to your senior's resume until I met Mr.Idham from the career unit. He said 'UTP students' resume are all the same. The company won't even look at your resume'. There I go, study back my resume and re-write it.

Well, after completing my resume, I called all the company listed. As usual, they asked me to mail my resume and other related documents. But most of the companies said there's no internship placement at their companies. The worst thing I experienced was ; the person hang up on me when I introduced myself as a student.

It has been a month and there's still no offer from the listed companies. There is one company that I didn't apply but offer me. It is PETRONAS. Thanks to SIIU.

That's the reality in PE field right now. People(most) always say that I would have bright future in PE but they don't know how we, as a student face difficulty in finding INTERNSHIP placement. Hell, I can't imagine how tough it will be to find JOB.

So, to FUTURE me, be grateful on any offers given to you, and choose wisely because this is reality of life. It is difficult to live in.

p/s: good luck guys in finding internship placement!