Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The End of Semester 3 July '09

Today(25/11/09) is the day that all PE-ian students have been waiting for.This semseter, we are all unlucky because we are the last programme that have final examination today. After all the hardship, we manage to finish Drilling Engineering paper. :)

Today i have started packing all my stuffs. The tiring part was to think which one to pack and which one to dispose. After all,i'm glad that i have managed to clear my room about 85% completion.LOL.

Well,tired of typing.Let's see some pictures.

The Bags...

The Books(for the entire semester)

The food, taking a break while watching movies!

See you again UTP next year!I'm comin home...Weee :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Final Examination

This semester is different from previous semsters since there's no study week. It's because of H1N1 outbreak long ago.*sigh*

Overall, the final examination timetable quite fine but one. Fluid Mechanics and Islamic studies in the same day. Plus, the gap between papers are too short too revise both (~__~). This is my final examination timetable.

  1. Probability and Statistics (11November 2009-Wednesday)
  2. Principle of Reservoir Engineering (14 November 2009-Saturday)
  3. Fluid Mechanics and Islamic studies (16 November 2009- Monday)
  4. Reservoir Geoscience (21 November 2009- Saturday)
  5. Drilling Engineering (25 November 2009- Wednesday)
-Transforming into final examination MODE-

Peace and Good Luck to everyone who has final too. V(^__^)V