Friday, September 18, 2009

Raya Holiday

Yeah,the busy week is finally over.Now, i'm thinking of going back home.Miss my family.He3.

So,what kept me away from blogging?Study for tests of course:P This week,i just finished two tests which supposedly to be three.One of it will be postpone until after the Raya holiday over.(Sighhh~~).Still need to study after holiday.

Oh yeahh,one another reason is,i'm too lazy to write.LOL.There's many things i want to share but i don't know why i don't write.

Today(18 september),there's lots of empty spaces for student to park their cark which normally some have to illegally park their cark on non-parking spot.They're leaving UTP so soon.If i don't have lab on friday, i would go back right after the fluid mechanics test yesterday.:P

So,what am i going to do when i got home?

  • Having lots of fun with loved ones.
  • Relaxing after all the stress.
  • Study for Drilling Test?:P
  • I hope i can write more posts.It's like every month a post only.Hope someday i can write each day.
  • Try to make special banner for this coming raya.
Oh,i need to fully use this holiday since there will be no study week.(Blame H1N1 holiday!)

p/s:Lagu-lagu raya sudah lama berkumandang di bilik nihh.he3

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Food and I

This Ramadhan,i've learnt how to cook!he3...what a surprise ehh?

The first meal i cooked was nasi goreng tomyam which i learn form my roomate,iz'aan.YUMMY.A good start for a beginner.Then, the second one, i made nasi goreng kampung,this one without instruction from my sifuu.:P Not bad too!Got many compliments.he3.

The third one, the three of us-Iz'aan,haris and me made black pepper chicken and nasi goreng ayam.I never know that cooking can be interesting too.After this, wanna learn more.:P

Sorry, i forgot to snap the first and second meal.:)
credit to haris who took this photo.