Saturday, January 10, 2009

Save Palestine!!!

It was my first time.

We all gathered at masjid as-syakirin KLCC after friday prayer. There were so many of them, men and women ready with banners. I was told that supposedly, we all will be walking to the US embassy but it was last minute change of plan.We all walked to the Egyptian embassy.

I'm grateful to see many people come down to show how angry we are towards war on gaza.

It was 3km walk from KLCC to the Egyptian embassy.It was tiring but worthy because this is the only way i can show my hatred towards Israel.


We plead for Egypt to open its border so that humantarian aids can get into Gaza.

Actually, i was a bit scared for the first time. Because, in TV we all hear that demonstration is like a wrong thing to do.But, it was for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Gaza.So,no worries.

There were police and FRU during the demonstration to ensure public safety.No terrible things happen. It was okay, even when we burned the Israel flag.

In front of Egyptian embassy

What i can do is just pray for them, join any demonstration for Palestinian and to boycott Israel's products.It's very difficult to do,but we can not let US invest their profits to kill our brothers and sisters in Gaza.


3 comment(s):

Ibn Raia said...

"Because, in TV we all hear that demonstration is like a wrong thing to do"

tertarik teman dengan quote tu. Huhu. Toksah takut le. Tv tu nak nakut2 kan orang jew. :)

orang minyak said...

btol 2..
usah trtipu lg..
voice out,be heard!!

intan.maisarah said...

ruginye tak dapat join benda tu~

aku pon nk berazzzzaaaam mcm ko..nk hindarkan diri dari gune product depe..