Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chef of February


This post will be dedicated to my elder brother for his 22nd birthday. Actually, this is more to tell everyone that today is his birthday, but, it is also can be considered as joining his Chef of February(because, there are just a few people post for him(agak jer)-I wanna win to.LOL)

Hurm, I guess this year will be a slight different for you right? Because, you are now qualified to vote in election.LOL

Just a reminder, whether you still remember it or not, that you have once told me that you’re goanna get married at 25. Whether you mean it or not, what can I say is, I’m waiting for another ‘sister’.3 more years.YEA!!

Actually, I’m not really in the mood of blogging and I think this is the best way to grant you, your birthday present.Hee…wait for the real one when I’m back.

Hope that you will be blessed by Allah and have a good life. Being a year older means that we are a step forward to alam barzakh. So, let’s pray to Allah that we are not astray from the true path of Islam.

p/s: tell me if I win, okay?

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