Friday, December 24, 2010

Facts about Miri

   1. Road

Usually in the morning, you will trapped in the traffic jammed.Not because of abundance of car on the road like in KL,but because of the one lane road. For those who want to make a turn, there is no extra lane provided.What happen is,you need to wait patiently. The roads are bumpy;so you are advised to buy a car that has good suspension. There is another thing, the road is not fine; it got many holes. The results,you will get frustrated when your newly washed car accidentally hit the hole with water.

    2. The People

The population of the chinese and/or borneo people are more than malay.So usually you would have a hard time to find a halal restaurant/stall and mosque. On the road, they drive very slow and most of the time the rightest lane occupied by those who drive slow.I would define slow as; 40km/h on the straight road.You will get even more irritated when it is one lane road only.But you are advised not to horn them because based on my seniors;they said they would pick out parang and chase you.Might be a make-up story. 


At first, i thought the food and other things are cheap in here but I was wrong.People said it is because of the Brunei-an who travel to Miri to shop.A plate of rice and another 2 lauk with drinks normally cost around Rm-7-8.A cup of teh tarik cost Rm2.Oh yeah,there is always different price for peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak.You can see on the newspaper for example. Price in peninsular cost about Rm.1.50 and around Rm1.70 in Sabah/Sarawak.It implies to the Mcdonald /KFC restaurants too. Additional ringgit for a snack plate or prosperity burger

  4. Food

You can hardly find spicy food.Even if you order Nasi Goreng cili padi you only taste the normal Nasi Goreng. There was one time, i ordered Nasi Goreng Tom Yam; but it didn't taste like Tom Yam at all.What I tasted was salty Nasi Goreng.In Miri,you would hardly find a Mamak restaurant. There was a day ,one of my friend ordered a Rojak Mamak.Pity him because it tasted like Rojak Susu,a sweet Rojak that taste really like a Susu. The Teh Tarik really tawar even if the color look alike in the peninsular.Another thing, if you asked for Roti, don't be surprised if they give you biscuit.(Roti means biscuit in Sarawak) There is another interesting fact;you wouldn't find Gardenia or High-5 bread in here.The state government encourage local bread producer in Miri.

Until next time, I want to cook myself a plate of fries, sausages, nuggets for my lunch.It is better to cook yourself because you would not criticize your own cooked meal.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ugly people

Human is ugly indeed.They are selfish and never consider others.They only want things for their own benefit even if it jeopardize others. One thing is,they feel good of themselves and they are saint. They never feel bad about themselves but to people they deserve no respect.

If you want something, try give something to others.Even if you can't help others, try to help yourself not to burden people around you.

A deep feeling that i don't even know how to describe

Saturday, December 18, 2010

1st day kerja

Everything has its first time.And biasanya first time ni la kita excited sangat2 because of something new kan.And kat miri ni, kitorang hanya ada 1 kereta untuk memuatkan 7orang penumpang untuk ke 2 tempat berlainan.So, apa kitorang buat adalah kuar awal dari rumah ke tempat kerja. Senior ada cakap jugak yang Miri ni boleh tahan jugak jammed die kalau pagi2 tu.So kitorang memang decide kuar awal pagi la.

1st day
Bangun seawal 430 pagi(bersamaan 530 di KL yee masa die).Bilik air ada 2,nak mandi 7orang.So agak lama la di situ nak siap2 sume.530 pagi sume da siap2 and kitorang buat 1st trip.Pegi 15min,balik 15min.1st trip tu untuk hantar 2 budak Shell, so the remaining in 2nd trip 5 orang la.So budak2 Petronas sampai ofis pukul 620(masuk keje pkul 730,bersamaan 830 kt KL la yee).So apa kitorang buat adalah jalan2 la dulu kat ofis tu,biasakan diri.Memang tak ramai orang la time tu.Yang ada pon polis bantuan yang dok dekat tempat receptionist.Then, kitorang decide pegi brekfes dulu.

Tepat pukul 730 kitorang da terpacak depat meja cik Zairunnisa(person in charge of new interns la).So that morning trus ada briefing about the company,amik details interns,and ada cite pasal cara pemakaian la.Around 10 macam tu setiap sorang dah kene assign pegi department masing2.Mostly setiap sorang department lain2.So time tu memang sorang2 la kat situ.

So the first person i was introduced to in the BPD-N(Production Department-Northern Cluster)  was Kak Rathnawaty who is the secretary of the department.Then, i was introduced to other trainees from other schools. May from Curtin Uni and Cathy from Poli-Kuching.Later that day, I met with my Supervisor(SV),Mr, Ravi Kanth who is the Senior Field Engineers.Basically,senior field engineers has  a lot of experiences about the field and he is an expert from India.I am lucky to have him as my SV, but he is always busy with works.No guidance from him.He just said,do your plan about what you want to achieve in here.How am I suppose to do if I don't know anything.So tu jelaa about the department.So to kill time sampai pukul 430(waktu abis keje) ade la kerja2 sampingan yang diberi iaitu menghias Board sempena pertandingan menghias board antara department.Haha.Dah la Art Skill memang xberbakat disuruhnya wat mende tu.Memang buat jela walaupon takda skill.

So that's basically about the first day.The routine daily work at the moment is to update Visual Management Board early in the morning before Video Conference started.Yang lain tu memang takda keje and baca Operation Manual(OPM),Process and Instrument Diagram(P&ID),Process Flow dan sebagainya. And now, tengah buat research on case study throughout the internship.Lucky for us in Sarawak, we have a field trip to onshore facilities(offshore xboleh sebab insurance mahal and kene attend intensive training).Next week boleh tengok how well intervention been done.Pastu yang best dekat sini boleh pergi Crude Oil Terminal(Yang bulat2 besar tu).

Owh about my case study,i'm looking forward to do about Electrical Submersible Pump(ESP).I'm shocked to know that Sarawak has the first ESP in Malaysia and the only field to have it.So, it might be an advantage to me :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First day in MIRI

Flight MH2592 to MIRI at 830 a.m made me woke up early in the morning;i need to be at KLIA around 730 a.m to check-in. So the journey began after subuh prayer(thanks Iman for sending me there) and i met my other fellow friends; Daus and Ben. The flight took around 2 hours and 15minutes which we arrived at MIRI airport at 1045. Our seniors (Zaki and Zakuan) fetched us at the airport and we went tour around SKO office and arrived at our house. It is quite spacious to feed 7 of us with 3bedrooms,2toilets,fridge,stove,dining table,set of sofas and big compound. The drawback is,we are provided with only one standing fan. There is no ceiling fan at all.

After settled down our stuffs, we went to nearby super/hyper market(it is called eMart) to buy house needs.We bought wardrobe,pillows,beds,pail and so on. Then, we had our lunch at SCR(local restaurant above the eMart).Most of the evening we spend in the house to pack down our stuffs,rest and so on.

There was one incident happen that night.Since we were given only one copy of keys by the houseowner, we duplicate to make it three sets. One of our friends stayed at his aunt's house that night.So we decided to give him a set of keys in case he need to return home when we were not around(we went to dinner at Restoran Muara).Unfortunately, we didn't realize that we gave him the original copy.So what happen was, when we return home that night, we tried all 3 sets of keys to open the doors. None of it worked. Therefore, we stayed at our seniors' house for the night.

p/s:There are many things to tell about my experience here.But I will tell later.
p/p/s: Is enjoying Internet like Ive never seen it before

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick Updates

I finished my last paper about an hour ago.Which means my 3rd year 1st semester is officially over.Since UTP has changed its system,I will still have another semester in 3rd year.

This time, i go back home in train.My stuffs already sent home last Saturday.But, there are still many stuffs here.Sigh.This semester, i send my scooter back home since I'm not going to UTP for around 10months.

Internship just around the corner.Next Monday I would report in as an intern in PCSB SKO in Miri.Still need a lot of things to do.Need to prepare my self.

C ya guys!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Travel to the Future

I am not genius but I know how to travel to future.Sometimes, I go to the future and see myself there.What I will become, what I do for my living and so on.

You don't need any device, it is given to each and every one of us.MIND.Project your mind into the future and see yourself there.If what you see is vivid, strong and you believe the person in the future is you, then you will be one.

There are things that we plan sometimes didn't come out as we want.But you see, when you give your best in accomplishing what you want, you will get it.That's what the law of attraction is.Imagine what you always want and sink yourself with it, soon you will see the result that you always imagine.In Islam, this is what we usually perform in our prayer.We say it frequently,daily and we put hope in it with God's will.This is one of the strongest things that Muslims have.

One example, you live in 2010 and what you do is like you live in 2015,you are actually 5 years ahead of others. When others live in 2015, you are already in 2020.This is the machine that we need to travel to the future.

Start to see your future and do it frequently.Make what you see there is what you see now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reservoir Engineering Concept in losing weight

Our body acts like a reservoir. It contains a lot of hydrocarbons; heavy oil (fats).

In order to produce more oil(fats)[get rid of it through our waste system] we need to proceed with injection through injection well(mouth). The convenient way to inject is by using water. Water will displace oil(fats) stored in the pore spaces in our body.There is another injection which is using gas injection(smoking).This method is not recommended as it will affect permeability(blood streams).
[ There is no such thing in reservoir engineering.I just don't want people to start smoke]

Therefore, inject our body more with water to displace oil(fats) in our body.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things are easy

To do things is actually very easy. But the willingness and efforts should come along. You see, if you are hungry, go cook or buy food and eat it ( 2 steps only). If you want money, find a job or sell something to get money.If you are sleepy just find pillow or room and sleep.

Well, you might say the example I gave is not enough.Let's take study as example.Still remember your SPM?Well, basically what we do is study and it involves a lot of practices,answering past year questions,discuss with friends from another school,attending tuition and so on. Even if we did all these things, we still fear of not scoring A's in the exam.The truth is,if hundreds of thousands of students can score straight A's, why you can't? (considering you did your very best)

Same goes in losing weight for example.If you don't know how, just google it.I bet lot of tips will be talking about the same thing. Proper meals, enough nutrition, exercises, drink a lot of water and so on.Well, same as SPM, if we do all these thing,how come the result will be different? If you have fear of it,think about hundreds of thousands of people who successfully lose their weight using the same tips.

You see, things are easy actually. The logic is there. You want to know what make simple thing very difficult?What make it very difficult is when we think with our heart(emotion). Simple thing like writing a report become very hard when we think of many pages to write,graphs to interpret, the discussion and so on. It implies in all what we want to do.

Well,I think the actual word is not emotion, but negativity.Emotion is good to motivate us.

Motivation is the fuel,Efforts is the tires,willingness is the engines and we are the driver. A car won't work if there's no fuel, no tires to move it, no engines to drive it. However, the most important is the driver because he is the one who can fuel the car, assemble the engine and put in the tires. One more thing, have a specific goal(destination). You don't want to drive your car and end up at the same spot you were before.

You are the driver of your life!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Dewasa kini, umum mengetahui mengenai sebuah universiti yang kini hangat dibincangkan di dada akhbar. Siapa yang tidak tahu mengenai sebuah universiti yang dilabel penipu dan juga dikatakan pilihanrayanya lesu ibarat hidup segan mati tak mahu?

Isu #1
Utusan Malaysia yang kehabisan berita(agaknya) mengeluarkan suatu berita yang melabel pelajar2 UTP penipu.Ia adalah disebabkan pelajar2 menipu(bijak la jugak dapat tipu akhbar tempatan) ruangan salam perantauan di mana pelajar2 tahun akhir mengambil gambar dan claim mereka sebagai pelajar daripada universiti dekat Toronto (Tronoh)

Isunya, penulis itu melabel penyalahgunaan teknologi yang dilakukan oleh pelajar masa kini terhadap ruang salam perantauan.Pelajar2 ini dikatakan nakal kerana mengenakan pihak editorial Utusan Malaysia.Tapi, selayaknya mereka lebih arif mengenai mencari sumber2 yang sahih.Apakah selama ini isu yang disiarkan di akhbar tidak pernah di-verify kesahihannya?Mereka kan dah pro dalam mende ni,tak kan salam perantauan boleh kene tipu kot.

Secara jujurnya,dulu masa zaman foundation ada gak terfikir nak wat camtu sebab UTP ni memang cantik macam dekat universiti luar negara.Tapi saya dah matang.

Isu #2
Seorang pelajar UTP menulis di ruang surat pembaca mengenai isu pilihanraya di UTP yang lesu dan tidak menarik.Ya, boleh diakui memang pilihanraya kali ni lagi lesu daripada tahun sebelumnya.Saya langsung tak turun mengundi.

Hari tu ada la bincang sikit dengan kawan pasal calon2 pilihanraya ni.Dia cakap dia tertarik dengan 2 calon sahaja.Malangnya dia tidak mengundi, sebab dia nak undi 2 orang je.Sistem undian mengatakan kalau tidak pilih 5 maka undi itu rosak.Macam tahun lepas, saya nak undi sorang je, tapi terpaksa tick 4 yang lain sebab tak nak undi tu rosak.Maka, 4 calon yang saya rasa tidak layak terima vote saya dapat percuma undi tu.Dorang menang free plak tu.Calon saya nak tu kalah.Memang konsiparasi betol pilihanraya UTP nih.

Pada hemat saya, sistem undian perlulah diubah.Satu orang satu vote.Barulahh betol2 mencabar.Kalau tak nanti semua orang menang free.Senang la bagi satu badan aktiviti pelajar UTP tuuu,die taruk 5 calon, at least pasti ada yang menang.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dunia Akhir Zaman

Bagi sesapa yang ada facebook, mungkin dah pernah tengok video ni sebab ramai kott orang share link. As for me, oleh kerana internet UTP sedut2 macam siput maka takleh tengok directly dari facebook, so kene search kat youtube.

After dah tengok habis video niii, memang mengakui bahawa syaitan tuu memang licik habis. Yelaa, diorang kan dah hidup beribu ratus tahun. Of course lah tactical play diorang laen dalam menyesatkan umat manusia nihh. Lebih2 lagi dah masuk akhir zaman. Memang kaw2 penipuan dorang buat.

Nak citer panjang cam tak best lahh kan. So bagi sesapa yang belom pernah tengok, tengok lahhh ye. Ternyata musuh nyata bukanlah sesama manusia, tapi dengan syaitan dan pengikut2nya.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Economics Transformation Plan

Few weeks ago, i attended Economic Transformation Plan(ETP) Open Day. I was not aware of this until my friend invite me to join. She was also invited by another friend.

There were five of us, and I didn't really sure what was it all about the day before. I thought it was cool to join such thing (Dude who involve in economy is cool right?Don't tell me you don't fall for him) However, I think I was the lamest guy among the others (People who attended the Open Day were most from the private sector or the government). Even, the youths also were actively involved in cool project. There was one guy who is president of something, one guy who is national debater, one girl who is president of a club in UTM and more cool people.

That day, I listened to National Economic Plan by Datuk Seri Idris Jala. He is a cool guy. Now I know why he is so influential. He can talk like Steve Job on stage (I think so. I haven't listen to Steve Job live before this) After he talked about the ETP, there was a discussion among the top guys in the industry. I can't remember well their names, but there were Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes (Air Asia), the malay guy from CELCOM, and three other guy. (Sorry Datuks for not remembering your names!)

What I remember most was ETP is not just a plan, its a programme. Datuk Seri Idris Jala kept repeating that to highlight that ETP is not just a nonsense talk but it is doable to ensure Malaysia reach its 'modern country' status by 2020. There are 12 National Key Economics Areas(NKEA) such as Oil and Energy, Greater KL, Electrics & Electronics, Tourism, Education and more. These area would be develop to contribute towards national economy. These area is studied by LAB (several people from industry is called by government to study bout this)

Even though I was the lamest guy and didn't know most of the things, I found it was very interesting to know about national economics plan.( This is not a joke) Someday later, I hope I can attend program like this to expose myself more.

That very day, I was wondering, if there is a great plan for our economy, is there any plan to develop our national social behavior? This problem is even worse than our economy.

BTW, supposedly, there would be a follow up programme for youth to express their ideas about ETP to ensure our voice is heard by the government. I don't know when would it be.

p/s: This is my attempt to be a cool guy.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reality of life

I might not be the right person to talk about this.But i do have something in my head that i think worth writing.Maybe not for you readers, but for me;to advise the future me (this is like Ted Mosby writing to future himself why he shouldn't date his ex-es.But on this case,its totally different)

Few days back or months I should say, I have been busy searching for internship placement for next semester. After attending the internship briefing, I was really excited (there's always excitement in first time experience). Turn out that the next day, I listed all the PE related companies; googling on the net, to find exciting companies and their addresses.(Hell, I was really that enthusiastic)

I even write,re-write,re-write and I forgot for how many times I need to correct my resume. Well, basically it was easy to refer to your senior's resume until I met Mr.Idham from the career unit. He said 'UTP students' resume are all the same. The company won't even look at your resume'. There I go, study back my resume and re-write it.

Well, after completing my resume, I called all the company listed. As usual, they asked me to mail my resume and other related documents. But most of the companies said there's no internship placement at their companies. The worst thing I experienced was ; the person hang up on me when I introduced myself as a student.

It has been a month and there's still no offer from the listed companies. There is one company that I didn't apply but offer me. It is PETRONAS. Thanks to SIIU.

That's the reality in PE field right now. People(most) always say that I would have bright future in PE but they don't know how we, as a student face difficulty in finding INTERNSHIP placement. Hell, I can't imagine how tough it will be to find JOB.

So, to FUTURE me, be grateful on any offers given to you, and choose wisely because this is reality of life. It is difficult to live in.

p/s: good luck guys in finding internship placement!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sem July 2010

Kalau perasan,topik mengenai sem kali ni belom lagi dibincangkan sebab biasanya awal2 memang semangat cakap pasal sem baru.

Okay,sem kali ni ada 6subjek dengan total kredit 18jam(1subjek=3kredit).Maksudnya,semua subjek adalah sama hebatnya dan tak boleh fokus satu2 subjek.Berikut adalah subjek yang diambil:

Facilities Engineering-Subjek ni boleh masuklah jugak ilmunya(boleh paham).Ia mengisarkan liku-liku kehidupan hydrocarbon yang perlu diproses di platform sebelum di hantar refine dan seterusnya diedar2kan kepada pengguna.

Introduction to Management-Subjek ini mengajar pelajar2 UTP untuk menjadi seorang manager yang baik dimana mereka perlu mempunyai karakter2 yang mulia dan kebolehfikiran yang tepat dalam melakukan sesuatu keputusan.Lecturer yang ajar ni memang terbaik.Dia mampu menjadikan subjek yang tampak boring jadi best.Yang tabest pasal subjek ni kene bace banyak gilerrrrrrrrrrr.

Reservoir Modelling and Simulation-Subjek ni kalau mengikut kata2 senior,adalah subjek yang sukar untuk dijaring(score).Ia mengisarkan bagaimana kehidupan sebuah reservoir dijadikan model dan disimulasi bagi memudahkan para petroleum engineers menganalisa reservoir itu.

Well Test Analysis-Mengikut kata2 senior lagi subjek ini juga susah untuk dijaringkan jugakk.Ia adalah kesinambungan well-logging dimana kali ini,reservoir boleh di-Test dengan keadaan dinamik(well-logging mengassume bahawa reservoir di dalam keadaan statik).Oleh kerana ia adalah dinamik, maka equation2 transient flow memang menjadi tanda tnya sepanjang pembelajaran subjek nih.Lecturer subjek ni memang style,beliau mempunyai pengalaman mengajar selama 30tahun dan kini merangkul posisi kerusi kepada syarikat S(syarikat idaman PE-es).Oleh kerana terlampau style,maka dia menggunakan pendekatan open-notes test dan juga exam.Walaubagaimanapun, weightage yang dikenakan adalah tinggi dimana test=exam=40%CW.

Engineering economics-Subjek ni cambess sebab ada kira2,tambah2 lagi ada sudut ekonomi.Setakat yang dibelajar kali ni memang bolehh layann la subjek ni.Mungkin sebab ianya kira2 kot.

Engineering Team Project-Subjek ini melibatkan semua aliran2 kejuruteraan dimana mereka perlu menghasilkan sebuah project.Subjek ni penat sikit sebab memang kene selalu meeting(xbez sbb jadual suma len2) pastu kene reka model.Idea group dah bernas,cuma raw material susah nak dapat kat M'sia nih.Tunggu posting dari China memakan masa 20-30hari.memang lambat la nak siap.

Walaupon ada 6subjek,tapi actually ada 1lagi subjek yang penat la jugak.iaitu subjek untuk sem depan-Student Industrial Internship Programme.
Subjek ini(setakat sem ini) memerlukan pelajar2 proaktif dalam memburu peluang2 keemasan di dalam menyelamatkan tempat(secure placement) untuk sem depan.Maka,berebut2lah ratusan pelajar UTP.Macam2 la jugak kene buat,buat CV,letters,calling,follow-up,interview dan macam2 lagi.

Dahlah sektor PE ni xbanyak,ada jugak course2 len nak masuk sektor ni.Memang pertandingan yang ketat(tight competition).Tambah2 lagi ekonomi tengah tak berapa nak seimbang(unstable).Petronas da siap bagi amaran placement dah makin kurang tahun ni.

Memang tenat sem ni.Makin senior tu,biasa ar makin sasa(tough) kan?tak kan makin longlai.Papapon,semoga Ramadhan kali ni membawa berkat dan rezeki kepada blogger untuk mengharungi segala dugaan dan cabaran serta mendapat placement untuk tahun depan.Aminnn.

-11 Ramadhan(counting:9 days to go)

p/s:kalau ada mana2 HR manager dalam sektor O&G yang baca post ni,drop ur emel la yerrr

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Selamt Menyambut Ramadhan 1431

Tanggal 11 Ogos 2010 atau di dalam kalendar hijrahnya 1 Ramahdan 1431, bulan penuh berkah yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh umat Islam menjelang tiba.

Bila bercakap tentang Ramadhan,kebiasaan orang lebih cenderung melihat puasanya sahaja sedangkan mereka patut melihat ianya dengan lebih luas,seperti melihat bulan itu adalah seperti MEGA SALES dimana segala amal ibadah dan kebaikan dilipat gandakan pahalanya.

Puasa adalah salah satu intisari Ramadhan di mana umat Islam diwajibkan menahan lapar dan dahaga serta perkara-perkara yang membatalkan puasa dari terbit fajar sehingga terbenamnya matahari.Namun banyak lagi ibadah lain boleh ditambah lakukan di bulan mulia ini seperti memperbanyakkan bacaan al-Quran, berzikir, solat-solat sunat seperti solat terawih, solat tahajjud dan sebagainya.Maka ambillah peluang ini agar Ramadhan kali ini bermanfaat.Anggaplah Ramadhan kali ni Ramadhan terakhir moga kita pulun sehabis baik di dalam beribadah kepadaNya.

Allah S.W.T telah berfirman menjelaskan di dalam al-Quran tentang tujuan berpuasa:

"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, diwajibkan atas kalian berpuasa sebagaimana diwajibkan atas orang-orang sebelum kalian agar kalian BERTAKWA"
(Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 183)

Maka jelaslah objektif puasa yang disyariatkan,adalah agar kita lebih bertakwa kepadaNya.Jadikanlah Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermanfaat daripada sebelumnya.

Rasulullah SAW yang maksudnya : Apabila telah tiba Ramadan, dibuka pintu-pintu syurga dan ditutup semua pintu neraka dan diikat semua syaitan.(HR Imam Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai’e, Ahmad dan Baihaqi)

Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda yang maksudnya :Siapa yang berpuasa Ramadhan dengan penuh keimanan dan keikhlasan nescaya akan diampuninya segala dosanya yang telah lalu.(- HR Imam Nasai’e, Ibn Majah, Ibn Hibban dan Baihaqi-)

Diriwayatkan daripada Sahl bin Sa’d R.A daripada Nabi SAW bersabda yang maksudnya: ‘Sesungguhnya di dalam syurga terdapat satu pintu yang disebut Ar-Rayyan yang mana pada hari Kiamat orang-orang yang berpuasa masuk daripadanya (dan) tidak seorangpun selain mereka memasukinya. Dikatakan: ‘Dimanakah orang-orang yang berpuasa?’ Maka mereka pun berdiri (untuk memasukinya), tidak ada seorang pun selain mereka yang memasukinya. Apabila mereka telah masuk maka pintu itu ditutup sehingga tidak ada seorang pun yang masuk dari padanya.’ (HR Bukhari)

Dari Ibnu ‘Umar RA, katanya Rasulullah saw. bersabda: ‘Carilah malam qadar itu pada sepuluh malam yang akhir bulan Ramadhan. Jika kamu lelah, maka janganlah dilewatkan pada tujuh malam yang masih tinggal.’ (HR Muslim)

Rasululah SAW bersabda; ‘Puasa itu bagaikan perisai, maka apabila seseorang kamu berpuasa, jangan berkata kotor dan jangan berkata kasar. Jika seseorang mencacinya atau menyerangnya maka hendaklah dia mengatakan. Aku ini puasa.’ ( Sahih Bukhari)

Jelaslah, ambillah peluang Ramadhan ini untuk beramal sebaik mungkin.Pintalah kepadaNya agar dibukakan seluas-luasnya pintu syurga untuk diri dan ditutupkan pintu neraka sempena Ramadhan ini.

Pertahan dan lindungilah dirimu dariapada nafsu-nafsu keduniaan yang selama ini membelenggu diri.Moga-moga setelah tamatnya Ramadhan,kita masih mampu melindungi diri daripada godaan-godaan.

Hayatilah lagu ini:
Ku mengharapkan Ramadhan
Kali ini penuh makna

Agar dapat kulalui
Dengan sempurna

Selangkah demi selangkah
Setahun sudah pun berlalu
Masa yang pantas berlalu
Hingga tak terasa ku berada
Di bulan Ramadhan semula

Puasa satu amalan
Sebagaimana yang diperintahNya
Moga dapat ku lenturkan
Nafsu yang selalu membelenggu diri

Tiada henti-henti

Tak ingin ku biarkan Ramadhan berlalu saja
Tuhan pimpinlah daku yang lemah
Mengharungi segalanya dengan sabar
Kita memohon pada Tuhan diberikan kekuatan
Ku merayu pada Tuhan diterima amalan

Selangkah demi selangkah...
Dengan rahmatMu oh Tuhanku...
Ku tempuh jua

Biasanya orang akan makan banyak makanan yang sedap-sedap sebelum puasa,supaya nanti tak kempunan.Tapi sepatutnya,kita sepatutnya sudah mula mengurangkan makan-makan supaya nanti perut tak mengalami culture shock.Tak da lah hari pertama puasa terasa begitu memenatkan.Tak kurang juga, perlulah mula memperbanyakkan amal ibadah supaya tak terasa letih untuk bersolat sunat juga bangun malam.

p/s:Semoga tulisan ini menjadi peringatan yang kuat bagi penulis blog sendiri dan juga kepada pembaca sekalian.Marilah saling ingat-mengingati. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pemansuhan UPSR dan PMR

Penilaian kerajaan yang ingin memansuhakn UPSR dan PMR semata-mata untuk menukar sistem pendidikan yang terlalu exam-oriented adalah tidak munasabah bagi hemat ini.

Memang sepatutnya pemikiran exam-oriented itu seharusnya dikikis,sebab anak-anak sekarang dihantar belajar semata-mata hanya untuk score A di dalam subjek-subjek yang dikehendaki.Tak habis dengan tuition,gerak-gempur,kelas tambahan,program mentor-mantee dan macam-macam lagi dilakukan semata-mata ingin meningkatkan prestasi pelajar dan seterusnya meningkatkan nama baik sekolah.

Kalau tanya mereka mengapa belajar memang boleh dikatakan ramai akan jawab sebab cikgu,ibu-bapa,sekolah suruh.Mereka seharusnya ade perasaan curious ataupon eager untuk belajar supaya dapat diaplikasikan dalam kehidupan.

Maka seharusnya peperiksaan dikekalkan bagi mengetahui tahap kemajuan dan tahap kemahiran murid di dalam sesuatu pelajaran.Yang perlu ditukar adalah cara pengajaran dan pembelajaran sistem pendidikan Malaysia.Kalau takde peperiksaan umum macam mana nak nilai kemasukan ke asrama penuh.

Habis lingkup Malaysia kalau lepas ni nak masuk SBP/MRSM kene pakai kabel/orang dalam sebab dah takde ukuran.Huru hara 2020.

Apa-apa pon layan lah 3idiots.

p/s:Sekarang program score-A apa barang?pasaran tahun depan boleh lingkup kalau kerajaan teruskan agenda mereka.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15th of June

Salam to all readers!

Rasanya suma tau kan tarikh ini(xabes2 blogger ni promote).Yee..ianya adalah hari jadi saya yang ke-20.Sudah mencecah 20-an dan ini merupakan satu pencapaian yang baik(ohhh dah tua rupanyaa).Mungkin dah boleh dikategorikan sebagai remaja-dewasa?Beberapa tahun lepas ni mesti dah kerja,ada kereta,rumah,kahwin dan kemudian ada anak dan sebagainya.Fuhhhh!Memang dah nak dewasa!Cepat betol masa berlalu.

Berbalik kepada hari jadi,ingin saya kongsikan disebalik kelahiran insan bernama Mohamad Haikal ini,terdapat suatu lagi insan yang lebih utama disebalik insan ini(saya la tu).Yaa..ianya adalah ibu saya.Jika tidak beliau yang menanggung segala kepayahan dan kesusahan didalam mengandungkan diri ini,tidak mungkin saya dapat melihat keindahan ciptaanNya.Tidak kurang juga jasa yang diberikan oleh ayah saya yang terpaksa bekerja keras demi membesarkan anaknya yang nakal ini.

Jadi,di sebalik keraian hari jadi ini,saya ingin meluahkan ribuan,jutaan,trillion-an yang tidak terhingga(infinity) kepada ibu saya.Beliau banyak mengajar dan mendidik anak lelaki keduanya ini yang dahulunya sangat nakal dan tidak pandai.Banyak pengorbanan telah beliau curahkan kepada saya dan saya tahu beliau sangat sayangkan anak-anak beliau.

Memang benar orang cakap,kata-kata tidak dapat mengambarkan betapa hebatnya sesorang individu itu,kena lihat sendiri(Mungkin jugak saya ni tidak ada bakat menulis seperti bapa saya.He3).Apa-apa pun,haris sayang emak banyak-banyak dunia akhirat.

Walaupon haris sering mengunci kata,hati tetap berbicara.

Bila difikir-fikir balik,sepatutnya hari jadi merupakan hari dimana anak memberikan hadiah kepada ibunya kerana kesusahan ditanggungnya.

Dan tidak kurang juga,hari jadi sepatutnya menjadikan seseorang itu lebih bersyukur dan menangis kepada Allah.Sesungguhnya DIA lah yang meniupkan roh dan menciptakan diri ini dari setitis mani yang hina,dan kemudian menjadi sel,tisu,organ,sistem dan kemudian diri ini.Astaghfirullahalazim....diri ini banyak berdosa di muka bumi ini.

doa 1:Ya Allah ya Tuhan ku,KAU rahmatilah ibuku ini,tempatkanlah beliau bersama golongan orang-orang yang beriman dan Soleh.KAU masukkanlah ibuku didalam Jannah MU Ya Allah.KAU kasihanilah beliau sepertimana beliau mengasihani diriku ini Ya Allah,Ya Rahman,Ya Rahim.

doa2:Ya Allah ya Tuhan ku,KAU ampunilah dosa-dosaku ini kerana aku tidak layak ke syurgaMu dan aku takut untuk ke nerakaMu.Maka,Ya Ghaffar,Ya Ghaffur,KAU ampunilah dosa-dosaku yang banyak ibarat pasir di pantai.KAU kurniakanlah Taufiq dan Hidayah di dalam diri ini.


Monday, June 7, 2010

It's JUNE!

Bulan June sudah tiba dan aku yakin ramai di antara korang gembira dan tidak senang duduk dengan kehadiran bulan ini.Ini adalah kerana untuk meraikan kelahiran blogger yang ke-20.Dan julung-julung kalinya,blogger ini akan menyediakan list bagi memudahkan orang ramai dan tidak pening kepala untuk mencari hadiah bagi menunjukkan kasih sayang mereka.Maka,berikut adalah perkara-perkara yang diingini:

  1. Kaca mata-kaca mata ini sudah memasuki tahun ke-4,so paham-paham la kondisinya dengan blogger yang ganas ini.
  2. Goggle-Bace betol-betol,ianya bukanlah google okay.Goggle diingini kerana blogger rajin swim dan goggle lamenye sudah hilang.
  3. Whey Protein-blogger ini sedang dalam proses pengembangan otot.Whey protein memberikan protein yang tinggi dalam proses pembinaan tisu-tisu otot.
  4. Pull-up Bar-Ini adalah alat dalam pembinaan otot juga.Kalau yang gempak sangat,bolehlah sponsor Gym fees sepanjang hidup.
  5. External HD-hadiah ini amat bermakna buat blogger yang tegar download muvee dan drama.
  6. Kemeja-Baju-baju kemeja amat diperlukan kerana next Sem blogger akan menghadiri banyak interview sempena permohonan internship.Dan baju itu juga akan dipakai next next Sem kerana internship.

Pendek kata,apa-apa sahaja diterima asalkan ianya praktikal dan boleh diguna pakai.Pastikan yang berkualiti agar ia dapat bertahan lama!

p/s:Kalau tak dapat bagi hadiah,cukuplah mendoakan kebahagiaan blogger dan semoga Taufik dan Hidayah dicurahkan kepada blogger.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Study for self-efficiency

Entry kali ni sarat dengan mesej yang ingin disampaikan.Banyak dah pendam nak tulis,so once dah tulis,macam2 kuar.Boleh skip ke bawah terus =)

Terdapat beberapa cara untuk belajar:

Pertama:Melalui Pembacaan
Buku,suratkhabar,majalah,thesis,mahupon blog merupakan salah satu kaedah mencari ilmu melalui pembacaan.Kebiasaanya,buku mengupas sesuatu ilmu dengan begitu mendalam dan luas di mana pembacanya memerlukan perhatian yang penuh untuk memahami kandungan ilmu tersebut.Berbeza dengan medium lain yang lebih ringan kaedah penulisannya mahupon kandungan ilmunya.

Kekuatan:Boleh mendapat ilmu dengan banyak.Belajar secara langsung dari penulis.
Kelemahan:Memerlukan konsentrasi dan pemahaman agar tidak hilang fokus dan memahami mesej yang ingin disampaikan oleh penulis.Boleh terjadi sesat sekiranya tiada tunjuk ajar yang betol oleh guru.

Kedua:Melalui Guru
Kebiasaanya,kita sudah dididik oleh guru sejak tadika lagi hinggalah ke alam universiti.Melalui guru,kita peroleh ilmu-ilmu yang kebanyakannya tentang kehidupan seperti Matematik,Sains,Sejarah dan sebagainya.Tidak kurang juga kita belajar ilmu-ilmu agama seperti Tauhid,Hadis,Tajwid dan sebagainya.

Kekuatan:Memudahkan pembelajaran kerana guru dapat mengajar sehingga kita paham.Kalau ada soalan boleh tanya terus kepada guru.
Kelemahan:Kalau tidak kena cara bagaimana guru itu mengajar,pelajar-pelajar boleh hilang minat.

Ketiga:Melalui Media
Media boleh jadi TV,Internet mahupon lagu.TV tidak kurang hebatnya untuk dijadikan medium untuk belajar.Contohnya dengan membuka saluran Discovery,National Geographic dan sebagainya.Namun kebiasaanya,medium ini kurang efektif kerana ianya digunakan untuk hiburan semata-mata.

Kekuatan:Cara ini lebih santai dan mampu mengekalkan minat.
Kelemahan:Kurang efektif kerana ianya bergantung kepada kandungan ilmu.

Keempat:Melalui IbuBapa
Inilah merupakan kaedah pembelajaran terawal manusia.IbuBapa lah yang mengajar kita tentang dunia ini,dari bagaimana berpakaian,makan sehinggalah kita masuk tidur.Kaedah ini merupakan kaedah terbaik dimana manusia dapat dibentuk seawal boleh dan kasih sayang dapat disalurkan di sebalik pembelajaran.

Kekuatan:Mampu membentuk manusia sejak kecil dan biasanya,ilmu daripada mereka lebih diingati.
Kelemahan:Kalau tidak kena cara,boleh menyebabkan anak-anak enggan mengikuti apa yang diajar.

Kelima:Melalui Pengalaman
Kebiasaanya pengalaman yang kurang berjaya ataupon kesalahan yang dilakukan mengajar seseorang itu.Kaedah ini juga berkesan kerana mereka mampu mengingatinya lebih-lebih lagi kalau perkara itu lebih besar.Boleh juga kalau kita belajar daripada pengalaman orang lain.

Kekuatan:Lebih diingati dan seseorang itu belajar daripada diri sendiri.
Kelemahan:Jika seseorang itu tidak mengambil pengajaran,maka ada kemungkinan untuk berlaku lagi kesalahan yang serupa.

Keenam:Melalui orang lain
Kebiasaanya kita belajar melalui orang lain apabila kita merasakan diri kita lain daripada orang lain.Contohnya,kita lebih cenderung untuk belajar pabila terlihat kawan kita tekun belajar hingga lewat tengah malam.

Kekuatan:boleh menjadi pembakar semangat kepada diri dengan melihat orang lain.
Kelemahan:Rasa rendah diri yang melampau boleh mengugat rasa ingin belajar.

Ada lagi kaedah-kaedah lain yang mungkin tidak saya sebutkan.Apa yang ingin ditekankan adalah,walau apapun jua cara kita belajar,pastikanlah apa yang dipelajari itu boleh membantu diri kita sendiri dan seterusnya orang lain.Yang pasti,keutamaan haruslah diberikan kepada pembentukan akhlak dan sahsiah sesorang.Dasar pendidikan Malaysia seharusnya digubal semula bagi memastikan remaja-remaja sekarang tidak lagi terus hanyut dengan gejala-gejala sosial.

Nabi Muhammad SAW juga pada mulanya mengajar manusia dengan pembentukan akhlak yang maaruf.Dengan akhlak-akhlak terpuji inilah,barulah ilmu yang dipelajari berkesan terhadap diri.Islam juga menyuruh umatnya untuk belajar melalui pembacaan.

Apa-apa pon,pastikan ilmu dipelajari boleh digunakan untuk kebaikan diri sendiri dan orang lain.

3 Idiots:Apa-apa pon,bila ada masalah cakap 'Aal iz well'.Study not for success,but for self-efficiency.

Special Wishes:Happy Birthday Abah!You have done a lot for love and teaches me a lot too!

Note 1:Idea untuk hasilkan entry ni masa study week.Pastu campur dengan idea after tengok 3idiots and then masa tak tahu nak tulis special entry for dad's birthday.Juz nak cakap thanks for teaching me a lot

Note 2:Sorry sangat MESS

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ENGINEERING MINDS with a new look!

Hello Readers!

As you can see,that the layout have been changed.I decided to give this blog a new look since I think it has been 2years plus plus my blog is colored with brown layout with 'white flower' and 'fire and ice' header.

So,these are new things in here:
  1. I decided to choose grey layout and some motives because I think it's very nice and cool.Plus it has low opacity to give transparent look.Thanks to for making my life easier since I don't really good at designing.(I did Youtube on how to design my own layout,but it's difficult plus i'm sooo lazy)
  2. I really like the 'fire and ice' header cause it looks like there's balance in my blog.But,i really need to give this blog a new look.So,i browse my laptop and found this 'Let the music play' picture.It's very nice to my eyes,i don't know you readers.Whadda U think?
  3. I decided to enlarge the font size and change the font style too,so that you'll read it easily.
  4. Then,i change a lil bit on the sidebar.No much changes.

So,here it is.The new look!And i hope,there'll be new things too in this blog to keep you all reading.

Welcome to the new home!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cita-cita masa kecik

Korang masih ingat tak cita-cita korang masa kecik?Mesti semua bajet boleh jadi doktor la,peguam la,cikgu la,paling tak kurang powerr askar ataupon polis sebab boleh tembak orang jahat(cita-cita kanak2 lelaki yang sejati).

Aku masih ingat lagi masa darjah 1 cikgu ade kasi borang suruh tulis nama,alamat semua2 perkara peribadi termasuklah cita-cita.Kat bahagian cita-cita ada 3 pilihan boleh isi.Dari apa yang kita nak jadi sangat hingga lah apa yang kita kurang ingin jadi.

Masa kecik2 aku memang pandai melihat masa depan.Aku dapat rasakan masa depan aku tidaklah begitu cerah,so takdelah bajet tinggi.Kerja tak lah professional sampai gaji banyak boleh beli bunglow satu.Kawan2 aku memang semua target tinggi punya,doktor la,pensyarah,engineer.Dulu aku jurutera pon tak tahu.Aku ingat macam PATI yang menyiap2kan bangunan tu.Betapa kurang cerdik nye diri ini.

Maka,apabila aku menulis cita-cita di borang tu,pekerjaan yang aku ingin kecapi adalah pertama menjadi seorang pemain badminton professional(Tak Tipuuu) sebab kecik2 suka sangat main badminton.Kalau kerajaan betol2 tekad mencari bakat pemain muda,kalau paling minimum,mungkin aku dah jadi wakil negeri.(BAJETT)Dengan itu,piala Thomas dan Uber akan datang InsyaAllah Malaysia dapat.

Cita-cita kedua yang aku nak dulu2 adalah menjadi seorang askar.Tapi aku taknak jadi panglima tentera(bagi arahan je),sebab tujuan utama nak jadi askar sebab nak tembak orang jahat.Mesti segak gila aku berbaju hijau ala2 daun pokok dalam hutan dengan muka bercalit hitam2 sikit.Pegang M-16 memang stylee habis.Sekarang aku tetap lagi meneruskan cita2 aku ini dengan bermain Counter Strike.Dunia dah maju dah,tak payah pegang pistol betol nak tembak orang jahat.

Cita-cita ketiga adalah nak jadi seorang Businessman.Cita-cita ni tak pure sangat pilihan ati.Ni pon sebab aku tengok kawan aku tulis die nak jadi Businessman.Aku pon tanya lah ape benda tu(English lemah la beb).Dia pon terangkan lah Businessman tu adalah usahawan yang bukak perniagaan,yang paling aku ingat die cakap nanti boleh bawak briefcase kemana2.Aku pon macam berminat dengan Businessman2 ni,tapi malangnya skill2 keusahawanan tu tak diasah di peringkat akar umbi lagi.Dah besar jadi usahakawan pulak,cari kawan mintak belanja.Memang tak senonoh punya perangai.

Korang punya cita2 apa pulak?Takkan doktor kot?Aku yakin suma cita2 zaman kecik tu adalah 180degree berbeza dari apa yang kita belajar kat kolej ni.Dan belom tentu apa kita belajar sekarang ni menentukan apa yang kita kerja nanti.Jangan ingat degree Engineer tak akan menjadi pembuat kopi kt KLCC tu nanti.

p/s:Format tulisan penulis adalah bersifatkan santai kerana otak beliau dipenuhi dengan subjek2 yang perlu diSKOR.Nantikan Post2 lain yang bersifat Intelektual setelah tamatnya exam beliau.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ragam Manusia

Minggu lepas aku ada jumpa dua orang yang sangat styleeeee yang aku tabikkk.

1.Orang ini merupakan seorang lelaki yang berbadan tegap.Beliau berbaju hitam yang fit menampakkan tubuhnya.Rambutnya botak di atas tetapi ada rambut kat bahagian belakang,ada ekor.Mukanya agak ganas,kalau tengok cita 'CRASH' mesti menggangap beliau geng pecah rumah.Telinga beliau bertindik sebelah kiri dan tangan memegang rokok dan menghisap dengan penuh stylo dan macho.Selipar beliau sangat styleee,hanya berseliparkan Jepun(selipar jepun ar,yang orang bawak gi blik air tuu nk buang air).Namun,dicelah2 kejantanan beliau,beliau berkain pelikat dan menuju masjid untuk menunaikan Sembahyang Jumaat tatkala azan berkumandang.SALUTEEEE!!!.

2.Orang ini merupakan seorang wanita yang tinggi lampai berbadan langsing.Di tangannya terdapat sebuah handphone yang tak dapat ku cam,tapi boleh bajet la handphone mahal.Berbaju merah blouse(aku rasa la,sebab aku fail bab2 baju wanita ni.Banyak sangat jenis tak taw nak describe),dan berseluar perang.Kasut high heels bewarna hitam,jenama tak tahu,tapi rasa2 cam mahal kot tengok penampilan luarannya.Rambutnya perang lurus paras bahu kemas jika dilihat.Mukanya tidaklah dikenakan makeup tebal,sedap mata memandang dengan gincu merah nipis dikenakan.Beliau duduk di sebelah ku sambil beborak dengan sesorang lain yang ku kenal.Aku tak dapat menahan rasa ingin tahu,lalu mendengar perbualan mereka.

Wanita1:"Akak tahu tak,saya ni cikgu,kerja kerajaan,penat kerja dengan bebanan mengajar kanak2 ni.Sekarang ni,budak2 bukannya nak belajar pon,tengok buku pon diorang tak bersemangat."


Wanita1:"Sebab tu lah program macam ini perlu dikembangkan.Dengan adanya program ni,beban cikgu ringan sikit.Budak2 sekarang dah tak payah tengok buku,diorang boleh belajar dengan internet.Benda macam ni lah diorang suka".

Wanita2:(Tidak berkata apa2.Tekun mendengar rakannya berbicara).

Wanita1:"Akak tahu tak,kalau akak join program ini,akak boleh kaya,tak payah kerja di bawah orang lain.Akak boleh kerja sesuka hati akak.Takda sapa2 akan marah akak.Dekat sini,kitorang mengamalkan kerjasama.Menda ni tak boleh buat sorang2.Kakak kalau ada anak,boleh pantau prestasi belajar diorang directly dengan login ID n password akak.Macam ni lahhh cerita,lepas ni akak ikot saya,saya tunjukkan office kitorang dekat Kota Damansara.Saya drive and hantar akak".

Wanita2:(Beliau meneruskan kerja memotong rambut wanita 1 itu sambil bercongak2 di kepala)

Memang gempak la wanita 1 tuu mempromosikan program score-A.Buat tatapan umum yang tidak mengenali program score-A,ia adalah produk berasakan pendidikan dimana pengedar2nya promote kepada rakan2 serta keluarga..Macam MLM gak la.Dekat kedai gunting rambut pon boleh prospect orang.SALUTEEEEE!!!.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bisnes Kencang

Semalam..mase tengah mnikmati buang air(korang pon taw la mana satu),ku memikirkan macam mana nak mengumpulkn 50sen time balik rumah nanti.Pastu,seperti kejadian2 lain di blik air time2 camni memang banyak ilham datang.Ape jadi kalau lepas grad,syarikat2 minyak di seluruh dunia ni kerugian dan gulung tikar akibat pasaran saham yang tidak menentu.Maka,bisnes la jawapannya.Bisnesss baikkk punyaaa.

Bisnes yang difikir2kan ni bukanlah bisnes jual burger or bisnes pelangsingan badan seperti doktor tersohor di kaca TV tu.Bukannn.Bisnes yang terlintas adalah bisnes sediakn service machine n dryer untuk pelajar2 IPT ni.

Mengikut pengiraan matematik moden dan matematik tambahan yang dipelajari 4tahun yang lepas,bisnes ni agak menguntungkan.

1.Setiap cucian memerlukan 5keping 50sen=RM2.50
2.Anggaran 50 pelajar mencuci baju setiap minggu mengikut blok=50xRm2.50=Rm125
3.Sebulan ade 4minggu=Rm125x4=Rm500
4.Satu village ade 5blok=Rm500x5=Rm2500.
5.Satu kampus ade 6village=Rm2500x6=Rm15000
6.Tolak kos gaji pekerja,maintainance=Rm15000-Rm8000=Rm7000 baki.

Boleh laa nak hidup dgn Rm7000 sebulan.tu baru peringkat permulaan.Bile da kembang sikit,lebarkan la sayap perniagaan ke institusi2 pengajian berhampiran Seri Iskandar ni macam UiTM,polytech.Bila da mantap lagi,kuasi perak,pastu seluruh tanah air.Silap2 boleh bukak kilang sendiri dan eksport ke negara luar.Mana taw 2050 nanti Malaysia menjadi pengeksport washing machine no 1 dunia ke.Memang untung wehh bisnes ni.Bisnes Kencanggg!Sape nak join?

*Pengiraan tak termasuk keadaan pasaran semasa(harga minyak,kadar tukaran asing dsbnya)
*ku rasa 50pelajar 1 blok cukup betol memandangkan student UTP pon malas belajar,takkan basuh baju rajin plak.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beyond Vision 2020

Tun Dr Mahathir came to UTP last Thursday and delivered a public lecture entitled "Beyond vision 2020".

He said, in order to ensure the vision become into a reality, the leaders must think what the world would be in 2020. Back in 1991 when he first launched the 'vision 2020', he said that if Malaysia can keep up her economy constantly, Malaysia can be a developed country in 2020. However, by looking at today's economy, he somehow doubt the vision. He said, unless if the system is change, 'vision 2020' can be a reality.

Many factors need to be considered such as economy, demographic, technology and lots more. He said, in coming years, demographic is a serious issue need to be looked upon as people can easily cross borders. Normally, people from poor countries would cross to rich countries in order to seek better life. He said, if we look at Britain today, we can see that the buses and the restaurants are occupied by the Bangladesh people.India and China are the two countries that mostly not affected by this. To dilute the people there, we need double of their own citizen, which is quite impossible.Leaders today need to consider this very seriously for 'vision 2020'.

The technology is limitless making the world borderless. People can access to anything just by a click in their own leisure house. It is hard to imagine what the technology can do in the future.

The environment is another issue.If today, we can't stand the hot weather, what would happen in the future?With the nuclear energy implemented in future, Malaysia has a lot work to do to consider the environment aspect and also the health of her citizen.Where to store the nuclear waste?Like plastics,it can't be throw anywhere as we like.We were proud of plastics long ago,but now it is the trouble.Burning of plastics would only cost our ozone layer depletes.Our mother earth is no longer a safe place to live in future.

One important thing that he stress is, anything that changes around us will affect us.What happen in the west, would affect us too.Thus,many things our leaders should think and do to ensure the future of the young generation instead of fight for position in the politics.

p/s:Late post due to presentation and assignments.
p/p/s:The content might not be as exact as what Tun said.There might be some errors due to blog owner short of memory. :P

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wo de jia ting

Wo jiao Ha Kang. Wo shi jin nian er shi sui. Wo cong xue lan e lai. Wo shi da xue sheng. Wo zai guo you da xue nian shu. Wo de jia ting you liu ge ren. Ta men shi ba ba, ma ma, ge ge, jie jie, mei mei he wo.

Wo de ba ba zai gong si gong zuo.Wo de mama shi jia ting zhu fu.Wo de ge ge zai da xue jiao shu. Wo de jie jie zai da xue du shu.Wo de mei mei zai xiao xue shang ke.Wo ai wo de jia ren.

Wo you yi nu peng you. Ta shi ai fei kai. Ta shi ye zai guo you da xue nian shu. Ta cong sha la yue lai. Ta shi er shi yi sui. Wo hen ai wo de nu peng you.

p/s: It is 140 words.This is good enough for 80 words essay(primary school level).
p/p/s:Don't be impress cuz i write this refering to my note.It's very hard to remember all these.Especially the chinese characters.~__~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Children Provision Charity 2010-Motorola night

Last night, I went to Chancellor Complex for Children Provision (ChildPro) night since I got a free ticket under UTP Research Paper Contest (UPRC) 2010.

The night was to celebrate and show our support for those children in need with the ticket price only rm5 goes to the children homes. I believe those who came feel their needs of love and support from each of us since they got no one to depend on but from kind-hearted people.

There's one moment that touch our heart when there's a session with Mr Mohd Ridzuan Mohd Yusof and her wife Ms Suriani Sumardi, parents of Mohd Iman Akhbar who suffers hydrocephalus, where the brain contain fluid since he was one month old. I am very proud of them because they show infinite love for a very poor child who loss 70% of movement body. They love Mohd Iman like other childs they have. What touched me the most was when Mr Ridzuan said that sometimes he had to ride motorcycle just to bring Mohd Iman to Hospital Pulau Pinang for weekly treatment since total travelling cost by car can reach rm150 per trip. Why don't people who throw babies be more grateful that their babies are born healthy? Mr Ridzuan and Ms Suriani deserve better than those who are ungrateful.

There were also performance by disabled people.One was a wheel-chaired woman with a paralyzed left hand played three beautiful songs with her harmonica. Second was a group performance with three wheel-chaired people and five others who dance happily. It might not be the best dance you ever seen but it might be the best smile you ever seen. I was smiling to see that they dance happily on the stage because the smile was pure with excitement. They do performance not because they were "used", but I believe they want people to look at them, their talent and strength instead of their disability. They want people to see them and be supportive to them.They really need us.

There was also charity raising where we can buy wishing balloon, where the children in need wrote their wishes for just Rm2.There was one girl who wish to further her study in UTP one day and there was one boy who want to be a chef in future. The money was donated to the children homes as well as to fund treatment for adik Iman Akhbar.

The magic show, singing by Liyana Fizi(Estrella), Vick(Malaysian Idol) and Daniel(Malaysian Idol 2) made the night more memorable.

I learned that we can learn more when we look at others.Sometimes we forgot what we have and focus too much on what we do not have. I wish I joined ChildPro before this because I want to spend my time helping the children. Please give our hand to those in need.

p/s: I wonder what greatness had my parents done to raise their four children especially me who sometimes brought disappointment to them. What ever happen, I will always love them =)

p/p/s: Visit this link for more information about ChildPro 2010.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thinking and Reasoning Impossible Things

Have you watch "Alice in the Wonderland"?Well, I recommend you to watch it. It is interesting to see things you wouldn't believe in Wonderland such as woman with big head, two fat boys who are seriously funny(Tweedledee/Tweedledum), not to mention an adventurous journey that Alice had to go through.

What interest me most is the values in the story.We can do impossible things if we believe it is possible.

It is interesting that Alice was trained by her father to think of six impossible things every morning. I remember when i was a little kid, I always think something ridiculous such as I can fly if I know how to project my 'Qi Gong' to my foots (DragonBall influence), I can do sword fighting techniques that can kill many people in one time if only I learn Shaolin KungFu and much more.I believe all of us our own 'ridiculous things' in our past times.

Well,that's the difference between a child thinking and adult thinking.When we are a little kid, we tend to think many things and our learning drive and curiosity are at its peak. As we grow older, that enthusiasm faded with our age. Long ago,people who said they can fly were considered crazy but time proves everything. Now, big airplane such as AirBus are made possible.

Even now, big corporate companies look at child's imagination as an asset because the 'impossible thing' is very valuable. The 'impossible' can profit big company a lot of money. Even Oil and Gas companies now hiring people who are willing to work in harsh environment such as deep sea environment which was impossible long time ago.

I remember my father teach me to reasoning things. For instance, when we look a guy jog in the morning, my father would ask me, 'Why he jog that time?', 'Why he wear that shirt?',' What he do for his job that he had time to jog?' and much more.I had hard time to think because every morning he would ask the same question and I had to answer it differently.I had to answer anything even if it sounds really ridiculous.That time, I was like 'What's the point of all this?'.

Now i really treasure that moment.I wish I was trained even early because my brain don't work that ridiculous now.

"You are off your head,crazy.But let me tell you a secret.All successful people are."-Alice's father.

"Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?"-Mad Hatter.

"I'm sorry I lost my attention.I was thinking people can fly"-Alice

-The dialog is not as exact as said by the characters. It was something like that as I remember.(^^)V

p/s:Don't let time erode your brain.Start to train your brain NOW!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tatkala saya sedang menelaah pelajaran untuk test yang bakal menjelang minggu hadapan,tiba-tiba muncul suatu persoalan,apakah itu Ilmu?

Mengikut sumber yang tidak lah begitu kukuh,Wikipedia(#1 pop di google), Ilmu adalah seluruh usaha untuk menyelidiki, menemukan dan meningkatkan pemahaman manusia dari berbagai segi kenyataan dalam alam manusia.

Dari segi bahasa Arab, ilmu bermaksud memahami, mengerti atau mengetahui. Mengikut wikipedia lagi, ilmu adalah pengetahuan khusus dimana seseorang mengetahui apa penyebab sesuatu dan mengapa. Ilmu perlulah melalui persyaratannya iaitu ilmu mestilah mempunyai objektif, metodis atau kaedah, sistematik dan universal.

Umum mengetahui bahawa ilmu perlulah berlandaskan sumber-sumber yang kukuh dan terbukti kebenarannya seperti contoh Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah.Ilmu juga perlu diselidik kesahihannya dan juga siapa yang mengajarkannya.Ilmu itu tidak boleh diterima selagi mana ianya tidak menepati segala prasyarat yang telah disebutkan.

Ilmu-ilmu sains seperti ilmu kimia, biologi, alam semesta mahupon interpretation of well-line logging memerlukan para saintis membuktikan melalui kajian.Setelah segalanya dibuktikan maka wujudlah theory sesuatu perkara yang membolehkan umum menerimanya sebagai suatu ilmu.

Persoalan yang timbul di benak fikiran

Kita mengetahui pengalaman boleh mengajar kita untuk memahami sesuatu perkara.

Seperti contohnya,ibu bapa kita sering menghalang kita melakukan perkara-perkara membahayakan seperti memanjat pokok,bermain api,bermain air dan sebagainya semasa kita kecil.Mereka lebih mengetahui tentang perkara itu dan mahu kita terselamat dari bahaya.

Tidak cukup kuat?Baik,contoh lain.Bagi sesiapa yang pernah ditinggalkan kekasih, mereka akan mengambil langkah lebih berhati-hati dengan pasangan baru mereka.Bagi orang yang sudah berpengalaman melalui perkara ini,mereka akan menasihatkan rakan-rakan untuk tidak terpedaya dengan tipu muslihat buaya darat.Meskipun pengalamannya tidak boleh diaplikasikan sepenuhnya dalam kehidupan kita,namun kita cenderung untuk mempercayai kata-katanya.

Contoh lain,mungkin kita boleh ambil pengajaran terhadap kegagalan yang pernah kita lalui.Contohnya,kita gagal dalam perniagaan yang menyebabkan kerugian besar.Pengalaman mengajar kita untuk mengkaji pasaran semasa,tempat strategik,memilih barang yang dicari orang ramai dan sebagainya.Kadang-kadang,ilmu tu bukanlah dipelajari seperti pelajar-pelajar di universiti,tetapi boleh juga didapati melalui pengalaman.

Pengalaman bukanlah sesuatu perkara yang boleh dibuktikan mahupon dikaji melalui pelbagai kaedah,namun kita menerimanya sebagai sesuatu yang boleh kita gunakan di dalam kehidupan.Pengalaman banyak mengajar kita melalui liku-liku kehidupan.

Setelah korang penat membaca apa yang telah dibebelkan,persoalan yang nak ditanya adalah,boleh tak kalau pengalaman tu diterima sebagai ilmu?Sebabnya,ramai orang mengajar melalui pengalaman dan terbukti berguna.


p/s:Material-material diatas hanyalah melalui kajian di google,bukanlah melalui seseorang yang pakar ataupon rujukan yang kukuh.Tujuan penulis menulis adalah untuk mengajak orang ramai berfikir.

p/p/s:Harap-harapnya korang fahamlah apa yang ingin disampaikan.Sebab,bila baca balik macam pelik pon ada.Malas nak re-construct.Nak sambung bace untuk test next week.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hectice Week

Hello Readers!

Just to update what had I gone through this past two weeks.I know I write like once a month but now it's not the laziness problem, it's the busyness that keep me away.LOL

21st February-24th February 2010
IRC Carnival 2010.It was wonderful and it was its first appearance in UTP.So,it was like we were the pioneer of that event.The event was aimed to promote our unique Information Resource Centre(IRC) to the students as well as to the public.There was IT Fair and Book Fair, talks by public figure such as Dato Dr Sheikh Muzaphar,movie premiere 'Evolusi KL Drift 2', and some workshops.It was great four days!

25th February 2010 (830pm-11pm)
We(Irshad,Haris Hamzah and me) entered HSE Pop Quiz.Our intention was nothing but to get additional 2% coursewok mark for our HSE subject.However, we managed through to the final round and won ourselves third place.We enter without preparation but we won.Lucky Us.

27th February-28th February 2010
Hazard Hunt.This time, our(Akhmal,Shahrul and me) intention was not just to get the additional 2% but to win the game.Since we won third place last year, this time we aim to get the first place.Rm300+hamper+certificate.This time, the clues were tougher and we dried our energy running around UTP.Unfortunately, we only got 6th place.Poor us.

1st March-4th March 2010
Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering Week(GPEW) 2010.It was fun to be in logistics because I have a coolest Head of Department ever and committees.However, I got two test on 1st of March which were Well Logging and Formation Evaluation and Mandarin.Since I got only little time to study,I tried my best and fortunately, it were okayy for me to answer.No tough questions.Lucky me.Back to the GPEW,I had a free lunch and dinner.YUMMY!!I enjoyed the talks by Sapura Crest,Weatherford and Scomi because I know better the future prospect of potential job that I like.I'm gonna miss GPEW.

5th March 2010
Usually, I'm free every friday, but there was replacement class for Professional Communication Skill(PCS).So the day was fully spent to prepare for my technical presentation.I chose 'The Art of Dealing with People' since I had experience in IRCC 2010 in sponsorship department(we were required to state our credibility to present the topic).After all the last minute preparation,I managed to present it well(I guess).Enough about that the PCS.That night,I reward myself over the hectic week by enjoying delicious dinner!Sweet and Sour Siakap,Tomyam and Kailan Ikan Masin.I was full that night and enjoy it very much.

6th March 2010
I spent the day to rest a bit and complete some assignments.Nothing much,but I went to Festival of Colours of the World(FESCO).There were many dancers from various institutions and they need to present traditional dance.UTP won many awards but the audience like Sunway College very much with their energetic dance.It ended around 1230am.

7th March 2010
I got called from Akhmal.He said that he want to enter Xplore RC preliminary round.So,we went to the UTP lake around 10am.We ran about 3 and a half rounds of UTP lake and answer IQ test and some games.We stuck for 30minutes doing the IQ test and the rest was tiredness running around the lake.

Well, I need to take bath.TTFN!

p/s:I got a test next week,3assignments to be submitted,and i got asthma back.T__T

p/p/s:I'm gonna be home in a week!O yeahhhh.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to gain an idea?

Macam mana eh nak dapatkan idea2 utk mnulis blog?

Saya banyak kali terfikir macam mana sesetengah penulis blog berjaya menulis banyak entry di dalam seminggu.Ada sampai 2 atau 3 entri sehari.Pelik betol.Mungkin readers boleh share macam mana korang nak gain idea menulis?

Kalau boleh nak postlahh entry yang membina jugak kepada readers instead of sharing pasal my life.Dah ramai je orang slalu post bout that.So,nak jugak trademark sendiri for this Engineering Mind.

Well, aritu ade la terfikir, mengapa saya ni amatlahh lambat untuk mengeluarkan idea2 yang bernas.Mungkin disebabkan penggunaan otak yang tidak seimbang.Selalu dok UTP ni memang asyik2 dengan calculation and facts je. Otak kreativiti xberkembang langsung.Saya tiada bakat2 terpendam seperti kehebatan melukis,mungkin boleh dijadikan alasan untuk otak kreativiti tidak berkembang.

But then,aritu terjumpa game yang sangat best and i think all of you should play.Game tu dinamakan 'Brain Juice' yang boleh dimain di mana-mana fon.(Asalkan jangan butterfly dan kebawah).Game tu sangat best sebab memory,mathemathics and also visual part of your brain will be tested.And yang best korang boleh tengok brain profile where nanti boleh tengok how good your brain are in those parts.

But,ade jugak game2 laen yang boleh digunakan untuk membantu perkembangan otak yang sihat.Contohnya sudoku, rubik cube malahan monopoly.Game2 ni sangat mencabar minda dan jika dimainkan selalu mungkin otak kreativiti anda akan berkembang jugakk.

Maka,dapatlah disimpulkan di sini,mainlahh permainan yang boleh mencabar minda bagi perkembangan otak.

p/s:Saya mendapat idea menulis post ini semasa di dalam tandas bermain saham.Adakah suasana persekitaran yang tenang memainkan peranan yang penting?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 things you need to know about flu

When you have flu, these things might happen to you:

  1. Uncomfortable to sleep at night. It will be stressful to breathe properly during sleep and when you wake up you might have sore throat. Most probably you breathe through your mouth.
  2. You can't even taste delicious food that you're having. During flu period, it is advisable not to waste your money into nice foods since you can't enjoy it. I can't even taste chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe.What a waste!
  3. Having flu will disturb your attention in class since you want to get rid of the mucus inside your nose as many time as you can.That thing is really annoying.
  4. Sometimes when your nose is full your talking sounds funny too. During this period,it is advisable not to talk to women.(Just kidding)
  5. For guys this is the time you want tissue paper in your bag wherever and whenever you go. If you don't have any just go to the nearest toilet and grab as many as you can to sneeze out the D mucus.
p/s: I wonder why we can still taste spicy foods even when you have flu.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kesedaran berharga RM50

Mungkin ramai tahu akan bahayanya merokok ataupon menghidu asap rokok yang boleh menyebabkan kanser paru2,mulut dan sebagainya.Namun penghisap2 rokok ni masih tegar dan degil dengan tabiat mereka itu.Bukan senang untuk mengubah tabiat hari2an ini tetapi setiap kali mereka mencuba mesti bertahan untuk beberapa ketika sahaja.

Baru2 ini di dalam surat khabar yang dibaca, kempen kerajaan menentang rokok iaitu kempen 'TakNak merokok"menemui jalan buntu.Maka pelbagai idea dilontar oleh pelbagai pihak seperti menghentikan terus penjualan rokok,memfatwakan haram rokok dan ada juga meningkatkan harga sekotak Rm50 bagi 20 batang yang kononnya untuk menyukarkan remaja dan pelajar sekolah membelinya.

Kesedaran rakyat Malaysia tentang kesihatan amatlah rendah.Meskipun mereka tahu tetapi mereka masih tidak mempunyai mentaliti yang tinggi untuk membendung masalah ini.Perokok2 seharusnya tekad untuk berhenti dan bukanlah sekadar bertahan untuk beberapa hari ataupun minggu.

Pepatah ada menyebutkan "memelihara adalah lebih baik daripada mengubati".Peliharalah diri anda dari sekarang dan elakkan diri anda sendiri terseksa akibat perbuatan sendiri suatu masa nanti.

Tertanya2 juga,adakah harga gula patut ditingkatkan sehingga Rm50 bagi menyedarkan masyarakat Malaysia tentang bahayanya gula yang tinggi di dalam badan.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Lame bebenor da xupdate blog ni.brhabuk gler da kot.dlu smangat je awl2 thun kononnya nk post bnyk2.Da agak da pon smgt hangat2 tahi ayam je.

Actually mcam bnyk je idea time brfikir sjenak tp tangan ni malas nk type2.facebook rajen plak kan.he3.Tapi tulaaa,salunya idea tu dtg n then pg daa.

Ok2.enough of that.Juz wanna share something yang tlah trjadi pada diri ni.

Something unexpected tlah trjadi n awal2 tu mmg la mcm sukar nk mnerima 'dat thing' tp lame2 mcm da ok je.Amik mase gak la nk positivekn diri ni.Maybe mnde tu trjadi utk mnyedarkan diri yg leka ni kott.Tapi xpe,juz amik d lesson from it.N i'm gonna b better next time.

Tu je nak cite.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Hello Readers!

Its the new year!2010!and i almost reach my twenties in 6 months.LOL.

Well, many people talk about their new resolutions for the new year in blogs or facebook like how they want to improve themself either by stop doing bad things(smoking,gambling....) or doing more good things(become more patient,always happy,etc).

I dont really have one that i really want to achieve.

But for sure i want to improve my self better.As a blogger, i want to post more because i am damn lazy to write.LOL.

This blog have reached its third year and there's been slight drop in number of three only.So i guess this can be my new resolution.:)

Till then.Happy 2010!