Saturday, October 2, 2010

Economics Transformation Plan

Few weeks ago, i attended Economic Transformation Plan(ETP) Open Day. I was not aware of this until my friend invite me to join. She was also invited by another friend.

There were five of us, and I didn't really sure what was it all about the day before. I thought it was cool to join such thing (Dude who involve in economy is cool right?Don't tell me you don't fall for him) However, I think I was the lamest guy among the others (People who attended the Open Day were most from the private sector or the government). Even, the youths also were actively involved in cool project. There was one guy who is president of something, one guy who is national debater, one girl who is president of a club in UTM and more cool people.

That day, I listened to National Economic Plan by Datuk Seri Idris Jala. He is a cool guy. Now I know why he is so influential. He can talk like Steve Job on stage (I think so. I haven't listen to Steve Job live before this) After he talked about the ETP, there was a discussion among the top guys in the industry. I can't remember well their names, but there were Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes (Air Asia), the malay guy from CELCOM, and three other guy. (Sorry Datuks for not remembering your names!)

What I remember most was ETP is not just a plan, its a programme. Datuk Seri Idris Jala kept repeating that to highlight that ETP is not just a nonsense talk but it is doable to ensure Malaysia reach its 'modern country' status by 2020. There are 12 National Key Economics Areas(NKEA) such as Oil and Energy, Greater KL, Electrics & Electronics, Tourism, Education and more. These area would be develop to contribute towards national economy. These area is studied by LAB (several people from industry is called by government to study bout this)

Even though I was the lamest guy and didn't know most of the things, I found it was very interesting to know about national economics plan.( This is not a joke) Someday later, I hope I can attend program like this to expose myself more.

That very day, I was wondering, if there is a great plan for our economy, is there any plan to develop our national social behavior? This problem is even worse than our economy.

BTW, supposedly, there would be a follow up programme for youth to express their ideas about ETP to ensure our voice is heard by the government. I don't know when would it be.

p/s: This is my attempt to be a cool guy.

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fq said...

ade lagi la open day ETP ni kat kuch. this coming monday. hehe xnk pegi lg? :P