Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Train,People and Life

In the name of Allah,the Most Gracious,the Most Merciful

What do you always do on train?

Normally,i love to listen to music and read book.But i also like to watch people.Don't get me wrong.What i mean is,i like to analyze them.(Even though, it is just my perceptions, but i like my brain to start thinking).

I always wonder,what kind of people are in this train ?What do they think in their head?
Some wear smart attire.Some in school uniform.Some in simple attire.
Some look sad.Some happily laugh with their children.Some sleep.Some just like to watch others.

I judge them by their appearances and look.(Not a good thing right?Just for fun only, as if i'm a detective-Detective Conan influence.LOL)

I don't know why i like to,but this is what i do on train.

We can learn a lot by looking at people.

deep inside in my heart,i always wish,i don't want to be like them.

  1. I'm sad to watch people who always have to wake up every morning and go back home at the evening because in their mind "if i don't work,what will i feed my family".
  2. Burden of work loads at office.Sometimes they work OverTime,but what they get is what the boss able to give.
  3. In train,after office hour,it will be filled with lots of people.People have to be fast to get into the train earlier.I can see some stress when this happen.
  4. I always imagine,what will be the another story when they're at their home.With children,wife,bills etc2.
It is now common thing people get stress based on what we always read on papers.
  • Divorced
  • Suicide
  • Child abuse
  • Murder
"Work without fun is suicide"-Albert Einstein.
"Craziness is what you always do repeatedly and hoping for another result to happen".-I don't remember who say this.

What is the answer to all this?
Always remember,our final destination is,to meet Allah.Do as many good things in here while you still alive.

"Allah menjanjikan kepada orang-orang mukmin, lelaki dan perempuan, (akan mendapat) surga yang dibawahnya mengalir sungai-sungai, kekal mereka di dalamnya, dan (mendapat) tempat-tempat yang bagus di surga 'Adn. Dan keridhaan Allah adalah lebih besar; itu adalah keberuntungan yang besar. "[At-Taubah,9:72]

Marditillah should be our biggest target in here(World).

Life without Allah's blessing is meanigless.Start do things for the sake of Allah.

P/s:Islam never forbid human to be rich.Islam forbid people to be greed and wasting money for unnecessary things.

9 comment(s):

Balqis Riza said...

nice one...
n ko pnh tak terfikir, ape org pk bl tgk ko??

aku selalu pk..kalu ade makcik2 pndg aku len mcm je dlm tren, aku jd tak suke..
kalu kebetulan hp aku bebunyi, aku agkt tepon gune semekom..
trus makcik tu senyum tgk aku..haha

orang minyak said...

hahaha..em,ntah.bior je org pk ttgku.ak ske pk ttg org gk.ha3.

ap jd klo hp ko xbrbunyi bal??

Balqis Riza said...

kalu tak bunyi, aku diam je la..kalu makcik tu pndg aku, aku senyum je..
pokoknya, bagi aku nmpk sdp dipandang..
is that sick?? tak kot kann..
just taknak org pndg aku bkn2..
esp kalu aku kuar ngn mostly laki..
nek tren ngn ko, saoxy, dura, akram, n sesape la yg laki..

intan.maisarah said...

ahhhahah... aku suke tgk org gak
lgi lgi tgh busan tunggu sesape dlm family kau shoppin..

orang minyak said...

mmg ler.ak pn nk klo org tgk sdp dpndng.ngeee.

npe msti shoppin intan?ha3

Balqis Riza said...

takpe kacak cm ko, selalu je dipandang..hehehe

Hilman Nordin said...

HAIKAL kacak?
cis, rival!

eyman hykal said...

Aku pernah jumpa seorg lelaki kulit hitam dlm LRT, pakai singlet jaring2 (jarangnya cam net badminton)berjln penuh bergaya. Duduk penuh aksi control macho. Semua mata memandangnya. Wah! tapi yg mereka tgk bukan tubuh sasanya, tapi putih kedua2 ketiaknya yang berbedak! Hu3.

intan.maisarah said...