Saturday, October 1, 2011

My dear EGO is back!

EGO itu bukanlah ego seorang lelaki okay, EGO yang dimaksudkan adalah YAMAHA EGO Kaler merah no plat AGS1269 (kalau perasan ada laki pakai spek nek scooter tu tego2 la ye :P)

Hmm,so last 2 tuesday, pergi hantar EGO dekat pejabat pos laju branch P.J dengan kakak. Kena hantar awal sebab it takes around 1 week nak sampai. Based on conversation dengan kawan, die cakap motor akan hantar directly to UTP but bila tanya dekat pegawai kaunter tu,die cakap motor sampai dekat main branch je, which is Ipoh PPL.

After 1week and 1 day (Rabu), I decided to pick up my EGO since takda kelas rabu petang. That day, pergi lah check tracking number dekat website. Tengok status, DELIVERED, location, PPL Ipoh. And then, I tried to call for confirmation, tapi takda orang angkat phone. Jenguh jugak petang tu nak cari member yang boleh bawakkan pegi Ipoh (car is needed).

Then, ada la sorang member ni tolong bawakkan. After 1hour punya perjalanan plus minus sesat nak cari PPL Ipoh, sampai la jugak kat destinasi dituju.Nasib baik PPL tu bukak lagi sebab that time sampai around 5pm. So pegi la tnya dekat sorang pegawai tu suruh checkkan item da sampai belom. THENNNN!!!Dia cakap actually my dear EGO da smpai dekat UTP.Punyalahhh rasa kecewa time tu.Penat2 pegi UTP tengok2 da smpai UTP.So my friend was right la,tak boleh harap punya pegawai kaunter.

Khamis pagi tu pegi lah amik EGO dekat undercroft, plate dengan cermin kiri je boleh pasang.cermin kanan dah try banyak kali still xbole masuk.Then, pasrah jela went to petrol station isi minyak and pam tayar. Weekend boleh pergi betolkan cermin and ketatkan brek blakang.

Pagi tadi pergi lah kedai motor and suruh orang tu betolkan cermin.RUPA-RUPANYA!!! Cermin tu kene pasang counter-clockwise.T___T punya la susah try nak pasang, siap suruh member pasangkan jugak tak dapat.Last2 kena gelak je.Nasib2 tapi takpalah sebab dapat ilmu baru pasal my dear EGO.

Welcome home my dear EGO!Banyak dah jasa EGO ni, bawak pergi tasik petang2 nak jog, pergi gym, pergi masjid, pergi mamak tengah2 malam, pergi ATM and macam2 tempat la.I can't live without you EGO.Kesian EGO merah sebab dapat owner yang tak tahu jaga sangat but i will take care of you okayy!

Moral of the story: Take action only when we are certain and always try the other way around

p/s: post santai je ni...nak kumpul momentum balik nak active berblogging

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in blogging

I know its been a long time since i last update my blog. Lots of things had in my mind but it just so difficult to put it in words. Writing in English made me think my grammar is horrible, writing in BM made me think so skema to use "saya" or too awkward to use "aku". So just stick with English first.

There are many things happen to me since my internship training. Good memories, bad memories, and even change me in some way. So,let's just wait until I know how to write

No worries, i will keep updating my blog after this.Let's pray for it. Hope to see the "OLD" me in UTP.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Working Experience

Internship programme really made me realize how wonderful student life is if compared to working life.These are several things that working people always had

  1. 8-5 working hours: Working 8 hours per day is really tiring. I need to wake up early in the morning to bath, breakfast and avoid traffic jam.Once I sat down own my desk, I always said to myself 'I have 8 hours to spend before I can go back home'. Time seems so slow in the office but it get really fast after office hour.
  2. Traffic Jam: Even if I depart early from home, there is always traffic jam. Lucky for me, in Miri the traffic jam ain't that bad compared to KL. Even stuck for few minutes had already made me depressed; How could I work in KL.Normally, I would avoid driving and let my friend drive and he would also do the same.
  3. Weekend: Friday is the best day of working days because you know that you can have enough rest on the next day. Having Friday prayer give additional one hour for lunch break which means I only need to work for 7hours. Once the office hour ends, I felt really good. Having two days of break is not enough.
  4. Exercise: It is really difficult to maintain exercise routine which I normally do in college. After 8 hours of working,feeling tired; I would rather sit at home and relax, enjoying every moment. Now, I manage to manage my time and spend one hour in the gym in the evening.
There are so many things that can be listed but I feel really lazy to think and type in here. I want to enjoy this weekend.LOL!

p/s: I haven't experience loads of work since there is really no work given to me.Envy other intern who have works because it made me suffer to do nothing for 8 hours for 5 days in week.And this is my forth month and left with about 3months more.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Improve yourself by self-questioning

Here is what I do when I want to improve myself:self:questioning. I see problem, I question myself how to solve it and later, ideas started to come. I love when idea started to rush into my mind because then I can see that there is so many solution to a problem. Even better if you can challenge your own idea and next thing you know, you got a better idea. Sometimes, I can't find answer to a problem myself, so what I did was to ask people. You will also be surprised that sometimes people can throw an idea that looks very simple to think of but you just don't come across it. I could say that this is a key to success: questioning.

But, what I want to stress in here is about self-questioning. You question yourself and you yourself try to find a solution to it. Let's say you are on diet (currently i'm trying to get into shape). Keep questioning yourself everyday and challenge it.
  1. Today is Monday and I should have a good start for the weekend. What should I do today to lose weight?I did eat less yesterday, so maybe today I should drink more water to keep away my hunger.
  2. I had tried to eat less and drink more water, so what should I do today to lose my weight? Maybe I should fast today
  3. Its the third day of the week.I found that keep on limiting food intake and drink more is boring.What should I do?Maybe I should start exercising
  4. Its very tiring to lose weight and its seems so hard. How can I improve? Maybe I should eat more but with proper diet.A balanced diet.
  5. Its very exhausting and I really hate to tire myself by doing exercise. How can I enjoy exercising? Maybe I should play football where I can sweat and at the same time have fun with my friend
Day by day, your question will change from "what" to "how". There is difference between what and how. "What" is used most likely to "get information" while "How" is used to "expand the information". Confused?Let's see an example.

What: What cause water to turn into ice?
Answer: Condensation

How: How can water turn into ice?
Answer: Water started to turn into ice when heat losses through condensation process until it falls below its freezing temperature which is 0 degree Celsius.

I bet you will improve yourself day by day by keep questioning yourself. Its even better if you can challenge it and you will see better results.

The best part of questioning yourself is you don't even need it to be right or wrong as long as you are happy with your own answer.Because that's the way you can enjoy yourself.

p/s: This tip is used to improve yourself. It should never ever be used in learning especially when it involve sensitive issues such as religious matters.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spending wise

Today is 20th March (Sunday) and there is still 2 weeks for the month of April to come by.Not because of the April Fool, but because my bank account has reached its red alert.2 weeks to survive with only 50 rinngit in the bank. It was different in February which made me checked my account transaction. To my surprise, there was a period where i withdrew my money in the same day twice and also the next day.I can't even remember what I did except to pay monthly rental for cars, bills and house. The rest I can't recall.

So, next month I plan to have a logbook where i can record and monitor my spending.I think most of it go into foods and entertainment. I really need to control myself. Well you know, human never feel satisfied to what they already own

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Project

I just had this wonderful idea that i think worth to do. A new blog is needed for this project to come true. It will be a really long journey and it need passion to make it happen. Especially in writing. I really want to share it and hear the responses. As for now, i want to ask people who are close to me first about this idea.

Pray for me =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kegelapan Miri

Kegelapan Miri #1

Sekarang ni musim hujan dekat area Miri ni. All day la hujan, memang susah nak nampak matahari. Kalau ade pon kejap-kejap je. Baju yang sidai pon tak kering-kering dah masuk hari ketiga. Hujan pulak bukan calang-calang memang lebat je. Dekat sini kalau lepas hujan air naik jugak. Mungkin sebab jalan tak rata and perparitan pon banyak jugak tersumbat. Kalau jalan on the way to Brunei/Curtin University memang air naik tinggi. Tapi best jugak kalau hujan malam, sejuk sikit nak tidur but nanti pagi susah bangun.

Kegelapan Miri #2

   Oleh kerana kegelapan Miri #1, tanggal 14 Januari 2011, kereta saga yang kami sewa untuk ulang alik pergi kerja masuk workshop. That night, one of my housemates baru balik hantar two of my housemates pergi East Wood sebab ada family day dekat sana. It was a rainy night and jalan pon licin jugak. So, dekat jalan Pujut, nak dijadikan cerita ada satu kereta Pajero suddenly brake which my friend tekan brek agak kuat menyebabkan kereta tu skidding.In that short time and distance, dia tak mampu nak buat apa-apa and then langgar Pajero tu. My friend selamat, tak ada cedera apa-apa tapi kereta kesayangan kami amat teruk after rempuhan tu. Yang amat menakjubkan sekali kereta Pajero tu takda apa-apa, cuma scratch je. Luckily, Pajero owner tu tak claim duit.

    That night I was at home and I received a call from my friend.So me and one of my housemate naik another car to the accident site. Memang terkejut la tengok kereta tu, and we decided to call the car owner sebab nak pakai insuran untuk kos pembaikian kereta tu. Kalau setakat scratch or patah sikit boleh la keluarkan duit poket. Time nak call the car owner, agak cuak sebab tak reti macam mana nak sampaikan berita tak gembira. The car owner punya terkejut terus dia cakap stay at the place and she will come. After the car owner sampai, cuak la jugak dengan reaksi dia. BF dia pon ada sekali and which he handle the situation; deal dengan tow truck, deal dengan car owner(GF dia) and kitorang macam mana nak settle. So in the end memang kene pakai insuran, tapi banyak jugak kos nak kene tanggung lepas tu.

Lesson learnt #1: Jangan terlibat dengan accident, kos after accident banyak nak pakai duit.

Lesson learnt #2 : Jangan accident kalau ada 2 kereta, sebab nanti 7orang kena naik satu kerata je.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Miri: Pengalaman menonton wayang

Wayang kat Miri ni ada satu je,nama dia Miri Cineplex ada dekat Bintang Mall. Dari segi luaran kalau tengok dekat entrance cam boleh tahan la.Tapi bile nak book tiket,sangat sadis la jugak,sebab die pakai borang and tick seat mana kite nak duduk.Wayang tu ada 4 hall; 2 dekat bahagian bawah, 2 lagi kene naik tangga. So far,makanan die tak taw la macam mana rasanya sebab tak pernah makan lagi.

Interior wayang tu memang sangat sadis jugak.Haritu Loco, Hafiz and me pegi tengok Tron legacy dekat Cineplex tu.Banyak gak la seat kosong, so kitorang decide nak duduk belakang. Bile da duduk dekat seat tu, boleh terasa yang screen tu sangat jauh kat depan. Rasa cam panjang gile Hall tu. So memandangkan tak ramai sangat orang, kitorang dengan selambantya duduk kat seat depan-depan. Baru lah terasa besar screen tu.

Time starting, iklan dalam wayang tu tak sama size dengan screen. So sementara tunggu movie tu start, pekerja tu adjust-adjust lah projector kasi sama size dengan screen. Sound system die takda la power sangat tapi so far okay la.

Seat wayang tu pon sadis jugak sebab seat lama.Lantai tak bersih sangat and kalau bahagian belakang tu kekadang ada bau hapak la jugak.

Sangat banyak perbezaan kalau compare dengan GSC or TGV.haha.

p/s: Walaupon condition die teruk, tapi still dah tengok 3 movie dekat wayang tu.Kaki wayang kot,mana tahan tak pegi wayang.
p/p/s: Sangat kecewa sebab tak dapat tengok HP7 sebab time exam and ada sikit je cuti.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New year?

Ramai yang teruja dengan kehadiran tahun baru,kononnya nak berubah yang kurang baik dan tingkatkan apa yang dah bagus. Masa-masa macam ni lah ramai post entry pasal new year.

Tapi, what about me?kenapa new year takda pon special entry?

Mungkin sebab rasa sama je new year or last year or next year.Eh, tapi next year dah 2012 kan?Hari kiamat mengikut kaum Mayan.

Apa-apa pon bergembiralah dengan tahun baru ni.Moga-moga sesapa yang ada azam tu terlaksana lah.At least ada la jugak planning daripada orang yang takda planning.Nanti gagal sapa yang takda planning.

This year might be different from before sebab internship.Separuh tahun dihabiskan buat internship,tak belajar macam dulu-dulu.

Oh!Kalau dah tahun baru, lagi 2 minggu la kot result exam keluar kan?