Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ENGINEERING MINDS with a new look!

Hello Readers!

As you can see,that the layout have been changed.I decided to give this blog a new look since I think it has been 2years plus plus my blog is colored with brown layout with 'white flower' and 'fire and ice' header.

So,these are new things in here:
  1. I decided to choose grey layout and some motives because I think it's very nice and cool.Plus it has low opacity to give transparent look.Thanks to for making my life easier since I don't really good at designing.(I did Youtube on how to design my own layout,but it's difficult plus i'm sooo lazy)
  2. I really like the 'fire and ice' header cause it looks like there's balance in my blog.But,i really need to give this blog a new look.So,i browse my laptop and found this 'Let the music play' picture.It's very nice to my eyes,i don't know you readers.Whadda U think?
  3. I decided to enlarge the font size and change the font style too,so that you'll read it easily.
  4. Then,i change a lil bit on the sidebar.No much changes.

So,here it is.The new look!And i hope,there'll be new things too in this blog to keep you all reading.

Welcome to the new home!

2 comment(s):

fiqie said...

background cam lawa dah. tp font macam kureng je. besar sgt kot?

Duncan J. Anderson said...

Akhirnya tukar jugak kau. =P